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What’s Cooking?

I barely cook.

I mean it. Ask the boy. Or Hunter, the dog, who begs for scraps and usually gets the crust of my PB&J for his dinner.

My mom’s side of the family is Italian. Like Sunday dinners, from scratch pasta, and my Grandma went to her grave not knowing I am ‘too lazy to make sauce’ type Italian.

One of my goals, resolutions, things I want to do better-ish is cook a new recipe a week.

After getting second place in the Cookie Contest at the Rape Crisis Center’s Cookie Bake Off last month, I realized I am not that bad at baking or cooking. And that was only my 3rd time baking anything from scratch!


I realized I needed more motivation than my three year old Pinterest Boards full of recipes, so I turned to my friend Claudia for some guidance in the healthy recipe department. And boy do we have a treat for you! We picked out a great, but easy recipe that can be whipped up after a long day of work that is healthy and a crowd pleaser.

But before you get to witness what we whip up in the kitchen, I want to see what YOU whip up in the kitchen. And to make it easier for you, you have a chance to win a $25 gift card to Publix. As an Ambassador for the Inaugural Publix Savannah Women’s Half Marathon & 5k, I got two gift cards to give away so I still have another for a give-a-way later on 😉

So leave a comment below by Sunday, January 11th at 5pm and tell me what you will whip up in the kitchen with $25 and a winner will be chosen at random.

Weekend in Review

If I could sum up this weekend I would in three words.

Hot. Outside. Active.

On Saturday morning, I woke up at 4:30am to make my Coach’s Oats for the CREW Potluck after their long run.

The group I mentor had 4.75 miles on their plate. I LOVED watching them run this week. Not that I don’t any other week. But this week, they were killing it. In the zone, not phased by the heat and cranking their legs without pushing too hard since it was a long run.

We ran. stretched. then ate. ate. ate ate.

And then of course, the gorgeous Mareesa and her sidekick Mike were there. They are the afternoon half coaches and were serving up multigrain waffles along with all the other food. We also had my oats bar, a smoothie station and more!

We had a Dietitian come speak to the CREW group on healthy eats and some ideas on what to eat pre-runs and during training. Everyone seemed to really enjoy her, I wish I listened more. I was too busy eyeing and eating up all the food 😉

 I love that CREW training is not just a run program, but really tries to help everyone with a whole body experience. Oh and of course the Tebow in the offices at Fleet Feet.

Right after I got home, I grabbed the hubs and made some very #FitFluential snacks and headed over to the beach to meet up with this lady.

 We got to hang out for the better part of the day with her family and her friends that were in town. Maddie even tried surfing for the first time!! It was really crowded, so for fear of hitting people because I didn’t want to show off too much, I cut my shred session short 😉

After getting enough sun, we headed home for a quick shower then scooted out the door to enjoy my company’s Employee Day at the Savannah Sand Gnats game. Food, Fun, and Baseball. Quite American if you ask me 🙂

We lasted about an hour and a half in the heat before seeking shelter at a local watering hole with some friends to grab a beer and some tots. Yes. Dude, give me your tots.  Saturday was crazy busy and crazy fun.

Sunday was just as fun but more relaxed! We woke up after going after getting “old people sleep” aka 10pm-7am and got ready for a brick workout. Up on the books was a bike ride followed immediately with a 5k run.  This is to help prep me for any future triathlons I may or may not have coming up 😉

We thought the bike course was 12 miles… it was only 11. Darn. But it was hot, sweaty, and fast for myself. I really need cages on my pedals so I can pull my legs and not just push. The transition to running felt slow but I was going at a 10:23 click. So that was awesome for the first mile… then I. Slowed. The. Hell. Down.

So note to self, you will slow down– don’t get all excited even if your legs feel like lead but are somehow moving fast. Total 5k time was 36:andchange. We followed that with some planks and pushups then taking our happy butts to the couch!

But I could only stay on the couch for so long, because I had my book club ladies to meet up with. And Channing Tatum. Yes ma’am.

But before we got the strippers and holy hell dance moves.

We met up for some skinny margaritas and some food.

I wish there were better food options on the Southside of Savannah, but Texas Roadhouse it was and it was just right near the movie so win-win. Anyone on Southside have options right near the movies??

Then the gaggle of giggling school girls got our movie tickets and out prime seats….

Some of us enjoyed the movie, some didn’t like it; but we could all agree- Channing has moves AND abs 😉

How was your weekend?