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Ledesma Sports Medicine Ultra Marathon & VIPs

On Saturday, Savannah was home to the first annual Ledesma Sports Medicine Ultra Marathon. I have been so excited for this event, because local races are really my favorite. Plus, the event organizers are such sweet people (Hi, DAN, MICHELLE, and TIM!!).

I was supposed to run this race but due to my knee issues, I didn’t have my mileage where it was supposed to be. BUT that doesn’t mean I can’t go out there and cheer like hell for my friends!

Ultra Aide Station

Lindsay and I went out to set up Aide Station #3 around 7:30am. We had a wide selection of food, gels and hydration. The best part of it was the M&M cookies… thankfully I left them for the runners 😉

The above photo doesn’t even do our station justice… we added a tent, more food and a really loud cheering section. I believe that if they did a ‘customer service’ survey, we would have scored ’10’s across the board!

Once the leading runners came through, things stayed exciting the whole time. Helping runners fill water bottles, passing out salt tabs, and cheering our hearts out! The best part about volunteering at Ultras is that everyone is laid-back and full of spirit.

Mel Ultra

{Go, Melissa, Go!}

Now, a first year event wasn’t without a few kinks. But nothing catastrophic or anything major and everyone is looking forward to next year already! Bigger, better and even more fun!

So I hope to see EVERYONE out there next year. Whether it be the 5k, 25k or 50k. Just run!


And last night, I had the pleasure of dining with the Fleet Feet Savannah family, head haunchos from Saucony, and Fleet Feet corporate folks. The big wigs came into town to celebrate the local Fleet Feet store for winning the #FindYourStrong video contest. You can see the winning video on the link to Fleet Feet Savannah above!

Saucony Dinner

It’s amazing where social media can take you…. I never thought I would be meeting the President of Saucony.

Thank you Fleet Feet for being such a positive influence in Savannah!

Women at Fleet Feet Sports Savannah STAR

Remember the other day when I said I had some great news?

Well today I can let you in on a little secret.

I was selected along with other amazing women in the Savannah community (like fellow blogger, Jennifer) to help the new Women at Fleet Feet Sports Savannah outreach more of the community, while understanding the needs of the clients. But before we talk about the store, let’s talk about what I like to call “princess pampering”.

Yesterday morning we all met for a breakfast meeting and arrived to the cutest table settings inside the Women at Fleet Feet side of the ‘complex’.

The tables were each set with vibrant running shoes and flowers. And each chair had a Fleet Feet goodie bag with our name on it.

 With a brief warm welcome from Robert, Fleet Feet’s owner and Lauren, the Women’s Apparel Buyer. It was time to dig into breakfast catered by B. Matthew’s. I was so excited for breakfast…. B. Matthew’s is one of my favorite breakfast spots in Savannah to send clients to or bring out of town guests.

I sure filled up my plate with a french toast half, homemade granola with yogurt, fruit, slice of bacon, and a portion of the yummy omelet! Such a tasty spread!

We had a great open discussion about what we hear in the running and fitness community. Needs. Wants. Desires. All of the apparel and gear buyers were open minded and took our suggestions to heart.

We learned that the expansion meant that they are able to offer more sizes; Youth XS to Adult 3X in apparel. They also offer tri kits, goggles, and swim caps. Along with a plethora of nutrition products (more info on a fun potential event, fingers crossed regarding nutrition!).

Don’t see something you want or size you need? Ask the women to custom order it for you! I had them custom order my fuel belt for me, because I need a larger size and wanted a certain color than the ones they had in store. Easy peasy.

Oh and the goodie bags from today. My photo won’t upload (ugh technology), but let’s just say that the Two Smart Cookie that was shaped like a star is now sitting happy in my tummy.

So in the neighborhood or need some new gear? Check out their new space!

Thank you Fleet Feet for putting together this panel to help you grow, which helps keep us ladies happy because you have the products we want and need. Consumer Panels at their finest! And a random fact: did you know that the Women at Fleet Feet is the only store like it in the nation?! Heads of large brands have come to Savannah to see and are AMAZED. They are pacing other stores in the industry {ha, bad pun}.


On and unrelated, but slightly related because it’s sweatastic and Fleet Feet is all about having a sweaty good time. Last night, I met up with the Savannah Tri Team for the usual Tuesday night swim. Holy moly. Just shy of two miles in the river… one mile against the slight current with some up/down tide/wave action. I felt my stomach flip a few times going over the little waves. At least the way back was quicker because the current was in our favor.

I was exhausted and pretty sure I sleep sounder than our dog. Which being that he doesn’t wake up for anything…. is pretty stinkin’ sound.

Weekend in Review

If I could sum up this weekend I would in three words.

Hot. Outside. Active.

On Saturday morning, I woke up at 4:30am to make my Coach’s Oats for the CREW Potluck after their long run.

The group I mentor had 4.75 miles on their plate. I LOVED watching them run this week. Not that I don’t any other week. But this week, they were killing it. In the zone, not phased by the heat and cranking their legs without pushing too hard since it was a long run.

We ran. stretched. then ate. ate. ate ate.

And then of course, the gorgeous Mareesa and her sidekick Mike were there. They are the afternoon half coaches and were serving up multigrain waffles along with all the other food. We also had my oats bar, a smoothie station and more!

We had a Dietitian come speak to the CREW group on healthy eats and some ideas on what to eat pre-runs and during training. Everyone seemed to really enjoy her, I wish I listened more. I was too busy eyeing and eating up all the food 😉

 I love that CREW training is not just a run program, but really tries to help everyone with a whole body experience. Oh and of course the Tebow in the offices at Fleet Feet.

Right after I got home, I grabbed the hubs and made some very #FitFluential snacks and headed over to the beach to meet up with this lady.

 We got to hang out for the better part of the day with her family and her friends that were in town. Maddie even tried surfing for the first time!! It was really crowded, so for fear of hitting people because I didn’t want to show off too much, I cut my shred session short 😉

After getting enough sun, we headed home for a quick shower then scooted out the door to enjoy my company’s Employee Day at the Savannah Sand Gnats game. Food, Fun, and Baseball. Quite American if you ask me 🙂

We lasted about an hour and a half in the heat before seeking shelter at a local watering hole with some friends to grab a beer and some tots. Yes. Dude, give me your tots.  Saturday was crazy busy and crazy fun.

Sunday was just as fun but more relaxed! We woke up after going after getting “old people sleep” aka 10pm-7am and got ready for a brick workout. Up on the books was a bike ride followed immediately with a 5k run.  This is to help prep me for any future triathlons I may or may not have coming up 😉

We thought the bike course was 12 miles… it was only 11. Darn. But it was hot, sweaty, and fast for myself. I really need cages on my pedals so I can pull my legs and not just push. The transition to running felt slow but I was going at a 10:23 click. So that was awesome for the first mile… then I. Slowed. The. Hell. Down.

So note to self, you will slow down– don’t get all excited even if your legs feel like lead but are somehow moving fast. Total 5k time was 36:andchange. We followed that with some planks and pushups then taking our happy butts to the couch!

But I could only stay on the couch for so long, because I had my book club ladies to meet up with. And Channing Tatum. Yes ma’am.

But before we got the strippers and holy hell dance moves.

We met up for some skinny margaritas and some food.

I wish there were better food options on the Southside of Savannah, but Texas Roadhouse it was and it was just right near the movie so win-win. Anyone on Southside have options right near the movies??

Then the gaggle of giggling school girls got our movie tickets and out prime seats….

Some of us enjoyed the movie, some didn’t like it; but we could all agree- Channing has moves AND abs 😉

How was your weekend?