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Race Recap: 2011 Enmark Savannah Bridge Run

I have been nervous about the Double Pump…
Yep. As I have mentioned before, it is three times over the Talmadge Bridge. So you run both the 5k race, wait a few moments, then run the 10k race. So if you were in town for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah, it is the same bridge that you drove over to come to the expo! Yep. Huge.
So yesterday, I went to the Expo to pick up my packet and swag. And I was greeted with this bad boy.
Yep! That’s me in the Run Program. So stoked!
 Well, I hustled back to work and later met up with some girls for dinner. nom. nom. I wish I could have stayed out later and enjoyed the beauty of Savannah during the holidays. But my bed was calling for me!
I got to the Convention Center side of the River quick and easy. They even let us runners inside, since its was in the 30’s. BRRRRRRRRR! I decided to run in my Sun Drop girl outfit, so I could only wear so many layers!
I found some friends from CREW, #RunSav, and from my old job! HEY Y’all 🙂
We all lined up for the 5k portion and got ready to go! Sarah and I killed it in our own regards. I had a 5k PR (35:25). It was fun and easy! Then came the 10k. Ewww… 1:24:and some change. So a total of 1:59.59 for the double pump. I was really hoping for closer to 1:50! Overall, I am really happy with my 5k time, because that was what I was nervous about since I am not the fastest person to grace the streets.

This race is always well organized from start to finish. The only downside I heard was people didn’t know where to find the ID check (for beer) at the Expo. No biggie if that’s not your thang! I made sure to have my ID packed in my fuelbelt 🙂

The only sip of beer I got was from my fellow training buddy’s cup, as she leaned over the stantions with it as I was coming in on the 10k! I stole a sip and kept on running! Thanks for the last minute hydration, Maureen.

But Finn got me ice, much better than beer at that point…. {thanks for being the best cheerleader!! And thanks to Wendy, too!}

Ouch! I have been having some pain in my left arch, left knee and right ankle. I did get new shoes about three weeks ago and I think they are the culprit. Ever since I got them, those areas have been hurting. And today was no exception. During the 10k portion, my ankle and knee were hurting so much. And after the race, my arch hurts to even walk. I don’t think this contributed to my time all that much. The bridge is just hard 3x over. I just wish my appendages felt better 🙂
I am hoping by grabbing a new pair soon I will be on the mend. I can use my current new pair for some cross training in the gym. Speaking of the gym, I must get back to yoga, yogalates, swimming, and lifting. I hope this keeps my fitness level up and my areas of concern will mend quickly! Next race I am scheduled for (but haven’t registered for yet, since its local) is the Reindeer Run 8k in two weeks.
2nd time up!
QOD: Have you ever noticed “pains” from your shoes? Or do you wear costumes when you race?

I have Lovely Humps

I have nice, lovely humps.
Actually, I just run them. And they’re called the Talmadge Bridge in Savannah. In training for the Double Pump, which is the 5k plus 10k race, I have run the bridge a few times to gain more confidence. See, you have to finish the first part (5k) in under 40 minutes. Which is fine. Usually. Except that damn bridge is Bleepin’ HUGE! But after an early morning 5.5 mile run in this–
They said to wear a light? Oh, Christmas lights.. too much??
My confidence level went from a 3 on a scale of 1-10. My 5k time (once over bridge… but yeah, damn, we still have to run back over) was right around 36 minutes.
So I decided to run the blessed thing again. The Very Next Day. I almost felt like Skinny Runner when she ran RnR Savannah & NYC Marathon in the same weekend. Maybe one day, I will be as cool as her. At least  my dog is as cool as Marni. So on Saturday, I met up with a little group of #RunSav peeps and off we went….
Before the Bridge… Sarah, Awesomeness, and Marc from
And don’t think we didn’t eat yummy goodness after our 6 mile run Saturday morning. Dan, who took above photo, ate a scrumdiddllyumptious piece of chocolate cake. Sarah had a “precious” apple thing. Marc and I are lame. We had bagels and cream cheese.We runners heart Gallery Espresso… check em’ out if you are ever in Savannah!
Confidence rating after Bridge Run #2: 7 on 1-10
This morning I settled into a great pace for a four mile tempo. Average pace was 11:33. Feeling good and even tackled the Islands Bridge. 

Confidence rating on Monday morning: 9 on 1-10

Let’s Pump like Champs! DOUBLE PUMP!

QOD: Are you doing the Bridge Run in Savannah? Or what do you run to work on hills?


Three things I am so proud of myself for doing this week:

1- I ran the Cooper River Bridge for a 6 mile run total. I was in Charleston for the week for work and it was nice to enjoy battle the back and over on the bridge, since Savannah is slow and fast one step up from slow for me!

I didn’t get a picture of my own, because it was o’darkthirty

2- I ate Crispy Pig Ears and Duck Hearts. And loved every minute of their savory perfection. We dined at Husk in Charleston and consequently right after I ate there, it was voted one of the top new places in the US. It’s fate. Actually, they were voted that before I got there. But still equally as fabulous! If you visit Charleston, please go eat at Husk.

Pig Ears with a Fried Egg Salad. Delicious.

3- I ran 11.5 miles this morning with our training group. I was only supposed to do 10 of the 13 my group was doing, but I miscalculated the distance and where my Finn should pick  me up. I am getting back into the game and glad my coaches won’t let me add too much distance to the long runs. I will be back to where my group is soon enough! Great run!

I hope everyone has a great weekend…. for your viewing pleasure- here are some photos of Charleston. I only got a few because we were in trainings at the College of Charleston majority of our time there.

Race Report: Beaufort Twilight 5k

First off… it’s been a few days due to St Patrick’s Day in Savannah!!! St Patrick’s Day is a pretty big deal…. in fact it takes place over a whole week with a whole lot of shenanigans going on, but mainly the world’s 2nd largest St Patty’s Parade. The picture shows how the celebration kicks off with the official “Greening of the Fountains” which is held at Forsyth Park (which is where the Savannah Rock n Roll is supposedly ending) and is such a fun tradition to watch. The Grand Marshall, Marshalls, Marshall Aides and their families all partake in the ceremony!

And they Green the Fountains too!

I made it through St Patrick’s Day with 4 other house guests in tow, but mainly two of my best friends from college. So needless to say lots of late nights with tons of catching up! It was heaven and so glad they were here. These girls are hilarious…. it was just like old times, except maybe more refined, maybe.

RACE REPORT: The Beaufort Twilight 5k/8k was an amazing event and situated through a really gorgeous village of houses and shops right along the marsh. These houses were amazing! I wanted to stop and gaze at all the houses to take in their beauty… but then the sand gnats would have eaten me alive…. so I guess I had to run. I went into the run with a goal of running the 5k under 40 min which would my fastest 5k. I was a little skeptical because of the St Patrick’s Day festivities (although I was DD for all of it til after the race…. the staying up late was killing me, but soooo worth it!) and then we spent the day at the beach because it was gorgeous and 88 degrees. Perfect beach day… but perfect run weather, ummm…. it hasn’t been that hot in Savannah since last year, so I was already sweating before we started to run.

My girls and I before the race!

We get all checked-in but the super friendly volunteers then get our over-21 badges and put our bags in the car. PS- their t-shirts are darling and so soft!! We waited for the race to start and found a place in the shade. They had 1,400 runners total for both events and a great hometown feel. We noticed a lot of the homeowners there and other locals present to either volunteer or cheer us on, how cute! 2 minute warning….. thank you… I am doing the sand gnat dance and need to get running….

And we are off!!!! We all ran together for about half a mile, but we waved Kiz on (she is faster than I- she finished in 24 min) then Biscuit and I peeled our separate ways. Winding through the streets, I felt ok on mile one…. I did it in 11:02 by the pace clock- wait what? That is a great pace for myself… but man am I feeling this 80+ heat. I had to take more walk breaks during mile 2 and thankfully they had two water stations during that mile. I believe I was at 24:something at mile two…. I couldn’t really hear the lady yelling out times and didn’t click my ipod/nike right then. So I tried to pick up my pace for the last 1.1 miles… I kept checking it and realizing….. wait… despite me being tired, hot, and oh- I am morning run person- I may beat my 40 min goal. I am turning over my legs and trying to push them so hard…. they are moving but I don’t feel like they are going anywhere.

I am coming into the last 300 meters and onto the 200 meters… I see Kiz…. she runs with me into the finish line- just what I needed! I see the clock 38:50…. YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I couldn’t believe it. My legs felt like bricks and I was exhausted, but I was elated! What a big difference time of day, sleep, and heat can make.