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Real Talk.

It’s been a rough 10 months while I battled an injured ankle from my accident.

I’ve gained some weight and while some people are super sweet and say they can’t tell. In my mind, I say “Bless your heart”…. but I do mean that the nicest way possible!

I love spinning and I love aqua jogging, but it’s not running. It’s not my run group. It’s not my cute Brooks PureFlow Cadence shoes. It’s not “my thing”. I wanted “my thing” back. I even bought a new-to-me fancy bike with aero bars to get me excited in case it took longer to get back to running….. it sat in a corner staring at me.

Currently, I feel sluggish when I run and my lungs feel like they are going to explode. Internally, I am cursing more than a sailor for letting myself go with super yummy food, great cocktails and not doing as much working out as I could of done with a bum ankle. To be honest, I didn’t want to do anything that wasn’t running. Silly, eh?

But now I am excited.

Excited because I can run. Excited that on Saturday I ran 5.5 miles with my group. Excited because although my lungs feel like they may explode, I could still talk and laugh with the girls. And I while I needed to glide my thighs more to prevent from chaffing, I am running.

And NOW, I can get excited to spin. Excited to aqua jog (I still can’t swim because my ankle hurts in the water when I kick—weird, eh?!). Excited to cycle on the new bike with my fancy new clip in shoes. Excited to hopefully be able to get back to yoga soon since my flexibility is almost there.

Excited to have this piece of me back.

Running isn’t all of me. But it sure as hell makes me fell a lot better.


I had a freak out.

In my defense, it was warranted.

I felt a slight pop in my ankle on Saturday. I was standing with some runners post run and was lightly stretching. POP. I didn’t even run or bike that morning, but was ‘car coaching’. Side note, next time I will double check my tires so I can bike coach….


 {Pre-Surgery Humor}

I noticed on Sunday afternoon, while scratching my ankle, that right behind my ankle felt super caved in. When I compared my ankles, my ‘bad ankle’ was almost an inch caved in. I freaked.

It didn’t hurt, but looked funky.

So I didn’t run with the group on Monday nor HIIT on Tuesday with the girls. And I actually scored an appointment with my Foot & Ankle surgeon yesterday morning at 8:30am.

Dr. Awesome confirmed that my previous two cortisone shots did not cause the fatty tissue to shrink (or whatever he said). But the pop I heard was two of my tendons rubbing over each other. Or maybe he said ligaments, I really am the worst patient when it comes to listening to the diagnosis. And the caving in…. apparently I have more muscle in my ankle (per the MRI) and that muscle had atrophied.


I can still run my 1:1’s for 2-4 miles and work my ankle back up!!



21 Days to…

I’ve been having a hard time during the past few months with being a cranky butthead (more on injury recovery later).

photo (11)

And to calm my crankiness, I ate candy. Met a lot of friends for drinks. And avoided doing the low impact activities because they weren’t running.

I would walk passed the candy jar at work and it was like Halloween everyday, minus the real crappy costume. Pop about 3-5 ‘fun size’ bars almost everyday and that’s almost 1,200 calories a week just in candy. JUST.IN.FREAKIN’.CANDY!

Oh… and then we found an ice cream truck.

photo (13)

Game Over.

So on Wednesday, I started my ’21 Days to…. challenge’. My goal is to not eat candy, sweets or other crap during work hours for 21 days. It’s only been two days but I am cautiously optimistic that I can do this challenge. Feel free to join me during these 21 days! Just click on the ‘upcoming events’ page to the right and join us as we conquer XYZ for 21 days.

Cheers to healthy snacks and remembering that I don’t need a min snickers just because I am happy, stressed or bored.

photo (14)

What are YOU going to change for 21 days?


First Post

First, welcome to my new blog ‘home’. Isn’t the design the cutest? I love the layout and think it makes it more user friendly, yes? Thanks to Genina at Low Country Paper for her branding expertise. You’ll be seeing some more of her work in the future 😉


I’ve been radio silent for the last few months on my blog (but not on my other social media accounts), mostly because it’s hard to write on a running blog when you haven’t been running much.

Cue the sappy music *whomp. whomp. whomp*

Well my self-induced pity party ended this week, y’all! Nothing like a good water jogging session and modified HIIT workout to get you back in your groove!

pool run

There are a lot of awesome things coming up on my radar and I am excited to see the light at the end of this recovery tunnel….

I can’t wait to fill you all in on all the fun!


Each quarter, we gather and do RUNjects for our local community! RUNjects are community service projects that take runners off the pavement and help us give back to the community! We have done a Tybee Beach Sweep, bagged groceries for seniors and participated in a 12-Day event for various charities around the Holidays.

Races & Places

If you follow me on various Social Media sites, you know that I have been injured for a while and am currently recovery from ankle surgery due to an accident. It’s only a few more weeks until I can start to run and slowly build up my mileage again!

I. Can. Not. Freakin. Wait.

First on my list— Rock n Roll Savannah! I will be running the Relay at RnR and am totally stoked to have it be my first race back! There is nothing more exhilarating then running through your town and seeing friends cheering you on… and then waiting at the finish line for those you have coached to finish their first half marathon!

Rnr 2013

I am skeptical to talk about many more races until my recovery is 100% done, but I do know that I will be running the Inaugural Publix Savannah Women’s Half Marathon in March! More details on my partnership with them… but I cannot to help represent our amazing city!


“I’ve only been here three days and it’s just a shooting, but give it time, okay. This place is fantastic. It’s like ‘Gone with the Wind’ on Mescalin. I know you’re my agent. Listen to me, they walk imaginary pets here, Garland. On a …… leash. Alright? And they’re all heavily armed and drunk. New York is boring!”- Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil

In this section, you will find places to run, eat, shop, have fun and maybe a best kept secret or two.

Basically it’s the ‘why Savannah rocks’ section of my site…..

One of my Goals…. Yoga Guest Post

If you actually read my last post, you may have seen that practicing yoga is on my goal list. I know how important yoga is for all athletes and that fact that I feel great even after a 25 minute YouTube video session is awesome.

 After last week’s RnR Savannah, I joined up with other runners and a new Yoga Studio, Savannah Yoga Barre, in Forsyth Park for some downward dog and post-run leg lovin’.

yoga in park 2013

And I was reminded quickly that yoga does a body good. But who could argue with the scenery of being outside in Savannah with 75 degree weather in November??!!


A few weeks ago I reached out to my college friend, Britt, and asked her how she balanced a centered life on the go. Her job requires a bunch of travel and she maintains a yoga practice that keeps her centered. She agreed to provided myself and you all some great tips! And don’t worry— you’ll hear from her again 😉

Oh and sorry, Britt… here we are in 2004 in my college apartment… Britt and I are on the right, both in pink!

baldwin 2004


Nomad by trade, yogi by choice.

Hi my name is Britt and I have known Vicky for about 10 years now. We met in college and often enjoyed early morning work outs together as we are both morning people! I was really excited when she asked me to share about my love of yoga and how I have used it on my life’s journey. It was in college when I started running and going to yoga as a way to deal with no longer being active from high school sports. I quickly fell in love and 10 years later have incorporated yoga into my daily life. My yoga mat has also been my sole go to place for the hardest 3 years of my life (more to come on that as we delve into my yoga series) and has provided me a safe place to heal, cry, laugh and challenge myself every day. I have taken my mat to every corner of this earth and through my practice have opened my heart to new cultures, people and adventures.

Britt 1

{Britt practicing yoga in Tanzania}

I travel a good amount for work to both places that are full of life and places that are full of pain and danger. However, each of those types of places are full of beauty and love. You just have to seek each in their own elements. Traveling is a great way to expand your practice through new teachers, music and air to breathe in. Each time I roll out my mat in a new place there is an excitement that jumps inside as I never know what will happen on my mat or what emotions might come to the surface, especially when jet lagged or recuperating from eating street food! Travel and yoga really are a great mix whether you do your own practice in your hotel room, attend a retreat or enjoy a new class in a studio. Variety is key. Yoga can also help boost your energy after a long flight or car drive, keeps your immune and nervous systems strong and keeps your muscles limber. Those are the physical benefits. Yoga will also open your heart and mind to all the new adventures you seek each day.

britt 2

{Britt practicing yoga in Montana}

My travel essentials for maintaining my yoga practice anywhere:

Lavender oil for a good nights sleep

Badger Yoga and Meditation Balm

Tiny Buddah by Lori Deschene

8 Tracks iPhone app for great music

travel yoga mat

Think Thin Crunch Bars

coconut water

Yerba Mate Green Tea

britt 3

{Britt practicing with friends in India}

After any long time sitting, I always go straight to my mat for some sun salutations to stretch my body out. I also get up during most flights and go next to the bathrooms to do some basic poses (yes, I am THAT girl). So get a map out, pick a place to go for a few hours, days or weeks that will inspire you, challenge you and give you new senses to explore while on your mat. It will open your heart, mind and body in so many new and exciting ways. Another way to travel for a few minutes is to do a great meditation and lead your mind to a place you want to explore or a place where you have a wonderful memory. That will give you the same mind motivating energy! Conquer your mat, travel, explore and share the love with those around you. Namaste.

I can’t wait to learn more from Britt and continue on my yoga journey to help me become a better athlete.
How do you OMMMM? With YouTube Videos? Practice in a studio? Daily reflection on a mat with candles lit?

What is Next?

So on Saturday I ran my 6 or 7th half marathon and PR’d at 2:35.47 at Rock n Roll Savannah.

Now welcome to the world’s crappiest race recap.

RnR 2013

I felt like my I had on my version of speedy pants until mile 10… you can even see it in my splits. In fact, when you check out my splits, your computer while make a huge BRAAAAAKE sound when you gaze at mile 10+. Oh well. A PR is a PR and another note to myself to not go out too fast, silly. BUT on the positive, my calf held up and was only cranky right towards the end. So I am super happy with the results!

{race recap over. yep. there ya have it!}

So what should I do next? I kept telling myself that I would run a spring marathon since RnR Full was off the table thanks to my asshole calf. But honestly, when the split in the course came and went, I had no remorse. No shoulda, woulda, coulda.

For now I think I have a “new, revised, but can be edited at any time” plan of attack and it looks like this:

Victoria Runs goals 2013-2014

You may notice that I don’t mention a Spring Full Marathon on there and you would {possibly} correct! I think I need some time back to myself, back to my Saturdays with “shorter” runs and to focus on quality speed workouts for myself. This past year, I really pushed myself some. But that SOME needs to be MORE. And that MORE I know will turn into faster 5ks and half marathons for now.

So the 2014 marathon may happen in Spring. It may happen in Fall. It may not happen. But I am 100% happy with however it does happen!

****Injury Update****

Good news is that my calf only get slightly cranky during RnR Savannah and I am still working on it with my sports masseuse and icing plus stretching. I am just happy that the Ortho did tests and it was not a blood clot and showed only a little disturbance in that area, so a calf strain it is!

 But I also have a 16 year old injury {and it pains me to admit that its been that long!} that I need to be cognizant of.

I completely tore my left ACL, meniscus and small fisherions when I was 15 years old. Back in the “good ole days” they used to cast your leg for months…. thankfully that process stopped the year before my surgery and I was only in a CPM machine (continuous movement) for over a month with physical therapy and crutches for the better part of a year.

The Orthopedist told me that I would never be able to run if I stayed my size.

I didn’t care nor fully understand those words, because I was fine.

before nf

{morning of North Face Endurance Race Series Half Marathon}

Last year, after I DNF’d the North Face Half Marathon in Pine Mountain, GA due to throbbing knee pain in that knee; I had an MRI. Funny things those MRIs…. they tell it all and apparently my left knee is riddled with arthritis due to the injury I sustained at 15.

Oh Joy.

Fortunately, my knee hasn’t been an issue the past 6 months. But I really attribute that to a few pounds lost and adding cross training in… but I don’t want to push it nor up my chances of a knee replacement.

And my rambling concludes with, I am going to maintain my mileage, work on my speed, listen to my body {which I feel like I do a good job with anyways} and a 2014 marathon is a 50/50 chance. I think by keeping my training fun and a marathon as a 50/50 “fun” run…. I won’t have as much pressure and I can keep on enjoying running while listening to my body!

Moral of this long, double topic post…. 1) realigning your goals is alright. Keeping my body healthy and switching from the Full to Half Marathon was not an ego strike, it did not upset me that I “couldn’t post it on Facebook”… it’s my health and a calf tear was something I wasn’t willing to risk.

2) Sometimes advice, as blunt as it is, can come in handy 15 years or so down the road. And by being realistic with your goals while keeping that far enough out of reach that you still need to push yourself.