I am so excited to announce the upcoming RUNject!

PI 1

 Now you may be asking what do kids that just competed for a slot on the International Weightlifting Team have to do with running?

A whole hell of a lot.






And overcoming milestones, disappointment, and struggle in their personal lives.

Performance Initiatives creates a safe haven for at-risks kids to learn, grow and focus on a sport when other things may not be in focus. They help provide a constant and use the sport as the reward. Students must keep above an 80% in all school work in order to travel with the team. I could keep going on about their good work– but I would love for you to check it out yourself.

AND…. we have four Savannah athletes who have made the WORLD TEAM. Ahem, that is WORLD, freakin’ TEAM. Like a youth Olympics in their sport. HUGE DEAL! One of the athletes, Terry, is a two-time national Champion in the 62kg division. Amazing!

So join us on Monday, October 6th for a SEND OFF RALLY! Bring your smiles, good spirits and RSVP on FaceBook.



Send Off Rally

Monday, October 6th at 6pm

Location: Performance Initiatives- 2021 Tennessee Ave

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