What is Next?

So on Saturday I ran my 6 or 7th half marathon and PR’d at 2:35.47 at Rock n Roll Savannah.

Now welcome to the world’s crappiest race recap.

RnR 2013

I felt like my I had on my version of speedy pants until mile 10… you can even see it in my splits. In fact, when you check out my splits, your computer while make a huge BRAAAAAKE sound when you gaze at mile 10+. Oh well. A PR is a PR and another note to myself to not go out too fast, silly. BUT on the positive, my calf held up and was only cranky right towards the end. So I am super happy with the results!

{race recap over. yep. there ya have it!}

So what should I do next? I kept telling myself that I would run a spring marathon since RnR Full was off the table thanks to my asshole calf. But honestly, when the split in the course came and went, I had no remorse. No shoulda, woulda, coulda.

For now I think I have a “new, revised, but can be edited at any time” plan of attack and it looks like this:

Victoria Runs goals 2013-2014

You may notice that I don’t mention a Spring Full Marathon on there and you would {possibly} correct! I think I need some time back to myself, back to my Saturdays with “shorter” runs and to focus on quality speed workouts for myself. This past year, I really pushed myself some. But that SOME needs to be MORE. And that MORE I know will turn into faster 5ks and half marathons for now.

So the 2014 marathon may happen in Spring. It may happen in Fall. It may not happen. But I am 100% happy with however it does happen!

****Injury Update****

Good news is that my calf only get slightly cranky during RnR Savannah and I am still working on it with my sports masseuse and icing plus stretching. I am just happy that the Ortho did tests and it was not a blood clot and showed only a little disturbance in that area, so a calf strain it is!

 But I also have a 16 year old injury {and it pains me to admit that its been that long!} that I need to be cognizant of.

I completely tore my left ACL, meniscus and small fisherions when I was 15 years old. Back in the “good ole days” they used to cast your leg for months…. thankfully that process stopped the year before my surgery and I was only in a CPM machine (continuous movement) for over a month with physical therapy and crutches for the better part of a year.

The Orthopedist told me that I would never be able to run if I stayed my size.

I didn’t care nor fully understand those words, because I was fine.

before nf

{morning of North Face Endurance Race Series Half Marathon}

Last year, after I DNF’d the North Face Half Marathon in Pine Mountain, GA due to throbbing knee pain in that knee; I had an MRI. Funny things those MRIs…. they tell it all and apparently my left knee is riddled with arthritis due to the injury I sustained at 15.

Oh Joy.

Fortunately, my knee hasn’t been an issue the past 6 months. But I really attribute that to a few pounds lost and adding cross training in… but I don’t want to push it nor up my chances of a knee replacement.

And my rambling concludes with, I am going to maintain my mileage, work on my speed, listen to my body {which I feel like I do a good job with anyways} and a 2014 marathon is a 50/50 chance. I think by keeping my training fun and a marathon as a 50/50 “fun” run…. I won’t have as much pressure and I can keep on enjoying running while listening to my body!

Moral of this long, double topic post…. 1) realigning your goals is alright. Keeping my body healthy and switching from the Full to Half Marathon was not an ego strike, it did not upset me that I “couldn’t post it on Facebook”… it’s my health and a calf tear was something I wasn’t willing to risk.

2) Sometimes advice, as blunt as it is, can come in handy 15 years or so down the road. And by being realistic with your goals while keeping that far enough out of reach that you still need to push yourself.

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  1. CONGRATS on your PR!! Cross training really does work wonders for running. I wish I had been more serious about it when I started. You look awesome in that race photo, BTW… although is your bib strapped to your side??

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