One of my Goals…. Yoga Guest Post

If you actually read my last post, you may have seen that practicing yoga is on my goal list. I know how important yoga is for all athletes and that fact that I feel great even after a 25 minute YouTube video session is awesome.

 After last week’s RnR Savannah, I joined up with other runners and a new Yoga Studio, Savannah Yoga Barre, in Forsyth Park for some downward dog and post-run leg lovin’.

yoga in park 2013

And I was reminded quickly that yoga does a body good. But who could argue with the scenery of being outside in Savannah with 75 degree weather in November??!!


A few weeks ago I reached out to my college friend, Britt, and asked her how she balanced a centered life on the go. Her job requires a bunch of travel and she maintains a yoga practice that keeps her centered. She agreed to provided myself and you all some great tips! And don’t worry— you’ll hear from her again 😉

Oh and sorry, Britt… here we are in 2004 in my college apartment… Britt and I are on the right, both in pink!

baldwin 2004


Nomad by trade, yogi by choice.

Hi my name is Britt and I have known Vicky for about 10 years now. We met in college and often enjoyed early morning work outs together as we are both morning people! I was really excited when she asked me to share about my love of yoga and how I have used it on my life’s journey. It was in college when I started running and going to yoga as a way to deal with no longer being active from high school sports. I quickly fell in love and 10 years later have incorporated yoga into my daily life. My yoga mat has also been my sole go to place for the hardest 3 years of my life (more to come on that as we delve into my yoga series) and has provided me a safe place to heal, cry, laugh and challenge myself every day. I have taken my mat to every corner of this earth and through my practice have opened my heart to new cultures, people and adventures.

Britt 1

{Britt practicing yoga in Tanzania}

I travel a good amount for work to both places that are full of life and places that are full of pain and danger. However, each of those types of places are full of beauty and love. You just have to seek each in their own elements. Traveling is a great way to expand your practice through new teachers, music and air to breathe in. Each time I roll out my mat in a new place there is an excitement that jumps inside as I never know what will happen on my mat or what emotions might come to the surface, especially when jet lagged or recuperating from eating street food! Travel and yoga really are a great mix whether you do your own practice in your hotel room, attend a retreat or enjoy a new class in a studio. Variety is key. Yoga can also help boost your energy after a long flight or car drive, keeps your immune and nervous systems strong and keeps your muscles limber. Those are the physical benefits. Yoga will also open your heart and mind to all the new adventures you seek each day.

britt 2

{Britt practicing yoga in Montana}

My travel essentials for maintaining my yoga practice anywhere:

Lavender oil for a good nights sleep

Badger Yoga and Meditation Balm

Tiny Buddah by Lori Deschene

8 Tracks iPhone app for great music

travel yoga mat

Think Thin Crunch Bars

coconut water

Yerba Mate Green Tea

britt 3

{Britt practicing with friends in India}

After any long time sitting, I always go straight to my mat for some sun salutations to stretch my body out. I also get up during most flights and go next to the bathrooms to do some basic poses (yes, I am THAT girl). So get a map out, pick a place to go for a few hours, days or weeks that will inspire you, challenge you and give you new senses to explore while on your mat. It will open your heart, mind and body in so many new and exciting ways. Another way to travel for a few minutes is to do a great meditation and lead your mind to a place you want to explore or a place where you have a wonderful memory. That will give you the same mind motivating energy! Conquer your mat, travel, explore and share the love with those around you. Namaste.

I can’t wait to learn more from Britt and continue on my yoga journey to help me become a better athlete.
How do you OMMMM? With YouTube Videos? Practice in a studio? Daily reflection on a mat with candles lit?

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