Toast to Thursday

Toast to Thursday.

Congratulations we have made it Thursday. Which is one step closer to our weekend. And another step closer to our long runs…. ahhhhh. Sweet, sweet weekend!

Toast to Thursday will feature Cheers (happy, happy, joy, joys) of the week and Jeers (crap, did that really happen?) of the week. Kind of like a mini-recap thus far… so let’s see how the week has been since last Thursday.



 *Dinner with the girls for my friend Jennifer’s ___ Birthday was super fun with great company and even better food at A.Lure.

pre run

*My 5 mile and 6 mile (well, garmin got it at 5.82) went great!!

SampleHarvest (2)

* My fundraiser for Back Pack Buddies via the Second Harvest Food Bank kicked off this week! You can check out the 1,000 Miles Challenge Page for more information on this awesome charity!



* My new bedding was on my bed for less than 24 hours before Hunter got sick. And yes. It is dry clean only.

*Those two body pump classes that I was scheduled to go to this week…. Tuesday, I slept in… and Today, well… I didn’t turn my 4:30am alarm on. I had my 6am alarm on. #fail. BUT I need to get to yoga tonight. NEED. NEED. NEED. WANT. WANT. WANT. Ok, I am done with my 2 year old tantrum 😉


So I raised my glass last night and toasted to a great Thursday and the weekend….  CHEERS to fabulous long runs, long bikes or sitting your tuckus in the sand! Make it a great weekend, y’all!

What do you have on the books for this weekend?

3rd deck

I have a 15 miler on Saturday and I am hosting a Parking Deck Crawl on Sunday {which I may be more observing/directing or literally crawling!}.

ALSO– if you want to volunteer for the Chase the Sun Ultra Marathon– please GO HERE for more information!!! 

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