Strong Legs and Even Better Friends

The other day I tried Standup Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga for the first time with the girls through a groupon deal. I have always wanted to try it out, because I love to SUP and love anything water related and figured this would be the same jam.

And boy was I right!

I tried to let go of the fact that every time I bent over, my tuckus that bared some insane chaffing (whoops– forgot to glide “there”) was pretty much on display for the chick behind me, but to keep inline with the fact that we were out on the paddleboards and one with the ocean.

Yeah. I was that person for an hour. And it felt freakin’ amazing.

SUP yoga

Every time we got into downward dog, I didn’t criticize my thighs for the dimples… but I thought about the fact that they just ran 12.6 miles that morning. Or that they ran 15 miles the weekend before or did countless burpees that week. They are getting stronger, toned, but most of all; they are able legs to do what my body needs them to do. And for that, I was thankful and enjoyed the crystal clear blue skies above while ignoring the chaffing on my arse that hurt.


Along with strong legs, over the past two weeks have been strong workouts. Recently I decided to strike the Powercut classes {that I never went to} and con Jenn and Nancy into doing HIIT workouts with me on Tuesday/Thursday mornings. The night before each workout, I text them the workouts. Some I pull from other blogs and modify, but this one needed no modification. We were going to die.


Janetha from Meals and Moves {source} really posted a doozy on her instagram and we sweated it out!! Those inch worms are no joke! Hollerz! Strong legs are not made on the couch!


And now I’ll do a non-existent segue into a series I just made up called “AmazeBalls, Butt Punches, and Pathetic Cuteness”.

jenn PR

Amazeballs! Jenn PR’d her Half Marathon time during the Virtual Half Marathon we did {Hangover Half Marathon in which our medals have Baby Carlos on them!!!}. I am so freakin’ proud of her. And also, if you are ever in the Savannah area and attend a runner gathering, this lady will probably make balls for it. Protein balls, spinach balls, whatever. And yes, we are five years old and giggle the whole time.

Jackie BUTT

Butt Punches! So I dragged my friend, Jackie, out to run 5 of our 13.1 miles with us and sadly she got a taste of what it’s like to run with us crazies. She was having some serious IT band issues, so being the sweet person I am, I sucker punched her in her arse. #yourewelcome.

Oh and if you ever need to know any fashion deals, check out her site…. Shop My Savannah for the latest. One day, I WILL raid her closest!

Virtual Half

Pathetic Cuteness! Not everyone run is gong to be a great run. My body was not feeling up for it, so I just enjoyed the company of my friends and took the run as miles/time on my feet! And who doesn’t want a medal with Baby Carlos on it!?!

And to wrap up this past weekend, I went down to St Simons for a night to enjoy one of the girl’s bachelorette parties! As we were about to leave the beach house… I found Klackers! Which is pretty much my new jam ever since my trip out to Durango, Colorado earlier this year.


Let’s just say that I am one happy girl!!

And yes, I know my photos keep flipping if you read from your phone. I swear I edit them and WordPress takes on it’s own mind!

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