Manic Monday #2

I feel like it was just Friday. Sheesh.

Manic Monday is here and I still wish it was the weekend!

Friday night I had Nancy over for a “Run-Over”. Since we had 15 miles on the agenda for Saturday and we needed to get in about 7-8 miles prior to the 6 mile CREW group run, it was easier for her to stay the night and watch Lifetime movies while lounging in our Zensah compression sleeves.

With a 3am wakeup call…. you can only be so cheery in the morning. Thankfully both of us are morning people and we weren’t too grumpy 😉 We scooted out the door and were running by 4:15am. We had placed water at a friend’s house mid-way through the run, so that was nice to cool off with and refill our bottles since it was already hotter than hot out. We got in 7.25 miles which worked out perfectly because after the group run all the coaches supplied breakfast for our runners at Maressa’s house– so we just ran there for an even 15 miles!

Nancy 15 miles

We ice bathed…. ate… and stretched….

ice baths

What a perfect Saturday.

And to top it off, I met up with some of the runner girls for sushi and fro-yo later that night. Pretty much the perfect Saturday. Actually, next Saturday is going to be the perfect Saturday…. but you will just have to wait a whole week for that recap 😉

After a great night of rest with a full belly, I woke up refreshed and excited for the Parking Deck Crawl I arranged. I was excited to see faces I hadn’t seen in a while and meet new runners. I was also collecting school supplies for Back Pack Buddies to help kick-off the fundraiser via my 1,000 Miles Challenge.

deck crawl

Heart is filled up with love, y’all.


Let’s see how my week is going to shape up {fingers crossed}:

Monday: 3.5 miles- easy since my left calf is still a little wonky

Tuesday: HIIT workout {am} and swim {pm}

Wednesday: 4 miles

Thursday: HIIT workout {am} and yoga {maybe…. depends on a networking event after work}

Friday: OFF

Saturday: 12-14 miles and a FUN water activity…. photos will come later 😉

Sunday: rest.

What are YOU doing this week?

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