Transformation Tuesday

Happy Transformation Tuesday!

Two years ago I ran a full marathon.


It wasn’t fast. It wasn’t pretty. But I did it.

Throughout training for the 2011 marathon I knew I had to cross train and eat well. I just didn’t. And I can’t really tell you why.

Picture 007

I thought I trained hard. And I thought I pushed myself out of my comfort zone. But I didn’t.

Picture 011

I listened to my coaches and learned a ton from them. But I didn’t use the information to the full extent that I could.

I knew I could do more. And I wanted to.

Then something clicked. Something changed. I evolved more as a person all around. And I wanted, needed, and desired to run better. I’m not saying every run is pretty , but I am doing it for me and I am loving it.


And somewhere along the lines I realized I wasn’t by myself. But with an amazing support cast to include runner friends, non-runner friends and my two awesome parents who loved to support (or course my dad probably enjoys cheering at races more than watching 4 hour dance recitals, right, Dad??!!)…. and vice versa!

me post pitt

I ran another full and while I didn’t PR…. I crushed the hills and am ready to rock a flat full course!!

north face1

I started to look at life as a big adventure… even more than I did before! Traveling for races made training even MORE fun. Running in towns during work travel or on vacation broke up any sense of monotony.

sweaty summer

I took my training more seriously. I am reaching OUT of my comfort zone. Sticking to my workouts and paces I lay out for the day… and getting faster.

And figured out what foods work best for me. And I learned that it’s ok to have a cheat meal that involves chips/beer/cupcakes for dinner with a Lifetime movie in the background just because I can… I just make sure those days are far and few between. And I don’t let them get the best of me.

4thJuly.KristinasBridalShower 115

And I’ve learned to embrace cross training. Swimming, cycling (still need to work on this one), body pump, yoga, walking, HIIT workouts, yogilates, whatever {except today’s Body Pump— I slept in…. man, my bed is super comfy!}. You need to be active. Lifestyle changes people, lifestyle.

mbc girls

Taking time for myself, with the people I love {I am on the left}. Make those moments.

Not sure if that is even a fully comprehensible Transformation Tuesday in between the power having gone out 3 times in the midst of my typing it {beautfiul Savannah thunderstorms!}… but you get the point. My transformation over the past year is really more about keeping tabs on my body and how it feels. My body feels like a whole new person just by making sure I do the 4 simple steps….

Be active. Eat clean{er}. Have fun. Be good people.

4 thoughts on “Transformation Tuesday”

  1. Activity breeds activity.

    If you’re feeling up for a little in state travel for a race, I’m doing the Run Town USA half in October. Huge event in Greenville!

  2. I’m trying to learn from your example, but I’m finding it hard to get into cross training. With the new month, I hope that I can get some other activities into my schedule!

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