Make it by Midnight

A few months ago, some of the girls asked if I could pace them in a summer half marathon in Macon, GA. Of course, I said yes and then I learned it was a night race. Ugh. Night running?? You see I hate night running. I will come up with every excuse not to run at night. “I don’t want to take two showers a day”. “It’s so hot outside”. “My stomach is never quite right at night….” etc etc.

But enter the Make it by Midnight Marathon and Half Marathon and a fun night away with the girls… and I was sold.



When I reached out to the Race Directors to see if I could pace the girls, the race was already full— and so I decided I would bike along and just support with my sparkles, tutus and whatever else would strike my fancy that day. Plus, I hadn’t really run more than 7 (-ish) miles for a long run since I ran Pittsburgh Full Marathon… oh, over two months ago! And apparently, this area of Macon was quite hilly.

So fast forward to Saturday morning— the girls and I loaded up my SUV, put the bikes on my rack, and headed on I-16 towards Macon…. when I get a message from our run-buddy Chris. His friend wouldn’t be able to run the race and I could have her bib. SWEET! I can run the half. Oh wait, crap…  I haven’t trained how I would normally for a half**.

Oh well… bring it on. It’s going to be fun and if I feel like death, I can stop after the first lap (half marathon was two laps around a hilly neighborhood that is not a big fan of street lights).

midnight finish line

After we checked into the hotel, we picked up our packets and watched a few runners who had already started the challenge! You get to pick when start your race… just anytime after 3pm! Such a fun idea— and you either get….

pumpkin or tiara

a TIARA {you made it on time} or a PUMPKIN {just after midnight}! But everyone gets a medal that finishes their race!! And the swag bags were awesome! Tech tees, race bottle, race flashlight. Plus they give you glow necklaces and bracelets when you start. Such a fun race!

I ran with my friend, run partner and co-CREWbie Nancy…. I didn’t know how far I’d be able to get or how long until I would feel like I would putter out. But I felt great the whole time. We laughed, cursed the hills and kept on truckin’. Surprisingly, I had fun on the hills and my legs turned over {unlike at Pittsburgh}. I think all the CORE WORK that Coach Jane prescribed has been working!

I would definitely recommend this race for a summer fun run! Just please remember your HEAD LAMPS!! I saw a ton of people without them. I was shocked!

Oh and the awesome medals…

midnight medal

Totally cute! Thanks Jenn for letting me steal your photo… I actually didn’t take a medal nor a crown… since I was running under someone else’s bib. I didn’t pay, so I felt bad for taking anything {but I did enjoy an orange slice or two on the course!! Thanks!!}.

Oh and you know what… night running was a blast! 😉

So check out this race if you live around GA… it’s only 45 bones, fun, and a chill vibe.

**I really think that keeping a moderate base mileage and some (really should be more) cross training helped. I would definitely not recommend this fly by the seat of your pants method but it worked this time. I can’t wait to rock this race out next year!**.

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