Pittsburgh Marathon Recap

The Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon was amazing. Simple as that.

I flew up to Pittsburgh late on Friday night to meet my parents at the hotel downtown. And was greeted by approximately 40  ba-jillion Penguins Fans that were drowning their sorrows in a few beers since they  had just LOST to the Islanders in Game Two of the Conference Quarter Finals of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.


After a good night sleep, it was an early morning to go cheer on my dad at the 5k! There were about 2,000 runners that took to the streets of Pittsburgh on Saturday morning. With so much energy surrounding me, I was getting excited for my race {ahem… “training run”} on Sunday!

And apparently, my dad was super excited too!


Daddy-O did fabulous and even PR’d despite the slight inclines (his PR was from a 5k in Virginia that took place on a airport runway— ie flat as a pancake!). He is really working on his training plan and doing super!!

Look at him kicking it in to the finish line!!!


After some breakfast, showers and checking out Dad’s 5k medal…. we went down to the Expo so I could pick up my packet!


I got to interview Jeff Galloway at the expo, but more on that in a later post!

After the expo, I toured around Pittsburgh and relaxed in the hotel room with some Subway and a few re-runs of NCIS. Did you really expect anything else from me?!

Race day came bright and early! I had to be at the VIP Tent at 6am for a Live TV interview with WTAE.


I still can’t find the clip, but just imagine that I sounded really awesome and completely articulate at 6am without an ounce of pre-race jitters 😉

After I answered a few questions, I went to Heinz Hall for the VIP Pre-Race area. Greeted by men in tuxedos with a full range of yummy goodies. I mainly just ate my pre-race peanut butter sammie and stared at the gorgeous ceiling…. hey, I am easy to please!


Once it was time, I found my corral and waited. For once, I didn’t have the pre-race jitters. I felt calm. I was ready to run.

I didn’t carry my phone or camera on the course, because I wanted to do just that. Run.

The first 5-6 miles were amazing. I stayed ahead of the 5:00 pace group and was feeling on top of the moon. I started to slow down a bit as the “inclines” started to take a bit of a toll on me. I didn’t really hit a wall the whole marathon, I just didn’t fully prepare for the rolling hills after mile 12….

Marathon_Elevation(website) (1)

I know what I really need to work on (more on that in a subsequent post), but my back really bothered me from leaning too much into the hills. I felt that my back pulled on my legs and I couldn’t turn them over, if that makes sense. BUT, good news is…. I know what I can do to work on it (besides avoiding hilly courses, ha!).

Aside from the hills, I LOVED everything about this race. Seriously, I want to rename Pittsburgh from the City of Steel to the City of Oranges. I swear, every neighborhood (we ran through 13) gave out fresh cut orange slices.!

The people stayed and cheered on the back of the pack runners (yep, that’s me!) and were super supportive and kind! The fireman had fire hydrants turned on to spray during the latter part of the course because it was getting hot out… the little touches made it a spectacular day despite not a time PR. But I am still really pumped, because I know my legs would have flown and PR’d on a pancake flat course!

me post pitt

A big thank you to my parents for coming up, stopping at numerous points on the course and always being my number one cheer squad!

parents in pitt

**A special shoutout to Abbey with the Pittsburgh Marathon. Abbey was such a pleasure from day one of my partnership with the marathon. In exchange for a few blog posts I got to experience the marathon VIP style**

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  1. How awesome! Sounds like you had lots of fun and I am super happy for you. Thanks for sharing the details. Love hearing about your travels and adventures in life. So can we call you VIP now?

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