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I truly believe that there is something magical in Savannah, especially in our run and fitness community.

This weekend, I was supposed to wake at 3am to start my 18 mile run by 4am so I could make it to a volunteer commitment with the Junior League of Savannah. When I woke up before my alarm, I had a raging migraine… I popped some of my Rx and hoped it would go away. Needless to say, I was in my bed- in the dark- until afternoon noon.

Since I only have two long runs left before Pittsburgh Marathon, I knew I would have to get the miles in on Sunday Funday. I posted on my Facebook Page that I was going to need my miles on Sunday. Thankfully, Hillary offered to make my 18 miles less of a suck-fest.


And then next weekend, I have 22 miles including the Talmadge Bridge (miles 18 & 22) to mimic the hills in Pittsburgh. I created a private Facebook event for some of my friends that are close to my pace to help drag me up, down, up and down that bridge after having run 16 miles right before. Not only did I get an amazing response, but Dan offered to run the whole thing with me!

Talk about your heart being overwhelmed with the love of this community!

And just so you don’t think this is the ‘Victoria Show’, the support flows over the whole community. One of my friends, Chris, runs a ton of Ultra Marathons and whenever he does Fleet Feet Savannah posts updates and photos from the races on their social media circuits. Not only do people ‘like’ the heck out of every post… but they also leave such encouraging comments for him.

Thank you Savannah for being such a class act!

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  1. Hey Sister Squirrel my coworker Laura Fox is visiting Savannah and is looking for some cool stuff to do and places to eat. Please send her a little shout out of suggestions. She enjoys yoga, running, and being an awesome nurse. THANKS

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