Friends Who Rock

If you know me, there has never truly been many moments in my life that I am left speechless. Well, there was “one”. But my teacher got me confused with another student… the parents of the other girl were so surprised when they were greeted with the news that their daughter “talked too much”. Anyways, I am usually always up for a good conversation, laugh, or debate.

Yesterday I was left speechless multiple times.


{6am at Fleet Feet Savannah}

I was running my last long run for Pittsburgh Marathon and met up with Dan, Tony and Dawn around mile 6 of the 22 miles. We were going to run by Fleet Feet because I had stashed fuel there…. as we approached FF, Tony was asking if we were picking up more people. But we weren’t picking up people until mile 16. I just assumed they were another running group. Nope. Not the case. They were there for me. My other coach {Nancy} and three of the runners who let me be apart of their running journey from 5k to half marathon {Janet, Anna & Jenn} where there with signs and fun accessories  And apparently there would be more to come!

As I hugged and cried, we refilled and refueled and headed on the way (while picking up another runner– Hi Gregg!)!

After we headed towards downtown, I hit a wall (again). Being that my first wall was hit early on when my head lamp died on the pitch black roads on the islands…. I was struggling. My pace was off by over a minute and I was mentally tapped. But I knew I had about 12 of my friends waiting for me to run the Talmadge Bridge and I didn’t want to let them down.

We meet up at Gallery Espresso after only having run 12.5 miles (or so I thought…) and picked up the gang and start up the bridge…. ugh. I was speechless (again) that so many of my friends took up my plea to come help me conquer the bridge after running so many miles before. They could have easily slept in on a Sunday morning.

first time over... mile 16

I get conned into running to the Westin for an additional two miles and a fancy smancy potty break. And then I figured out that my Garmin was wrong…. we actually had covered more ground. I was off by a few miles SOOOOOOOOO I would hit 22 miles for the day if we just turned around and run back over the bridge and back to Gallery Espresso!! Hot damn, that made my morning! So back over (ugh) we went… but at least that made me smile….

cheer squad

I swear these ladies were every where and had new posters each time and different accessories!!

Thank you team… from the bottom of my heart. I struggled mentality which really slowed me down. But you all stuck with me and I know that is not your normal pace, so I thank you.

all grou

Now bring on Pittsburgh!! Marathon #2…. TAPER TIME!!!

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