St Patrick’s Day- Savannah Style

Holy Moly. I think I have finally recovered from this weekend’s debauchery.

St Pats Group

This is our Book Club’s second year having a stake on Lafayette Square for one of the largest St Patrick’s Day parades in the nation. As Madeline can attest to, we even had a Google spreadsheet to ensure we had enough food and drink to make it from 5am-4pm! And once you are done reading my random crap, head over to Madeline’s post because she goes into much greater detail on St Patty’s in the SAV.

I signed up to meet three other girls at the square at 5am(ish). Our square was lined around the perimeter with everyone and their tents, food, etc just waiting to hear ‘GO’ from the cops. The cops are given strict orders to not let ANYONE in the square until 6am. Well, when we heard ‘GO’ everyone ran into the square and immediately started popping up tents. And then we heard ‘GET OFF THE SQUARE’. Apparently, someone (not a cop) yelled ‘Go’ and we had to go back to the street and wait the other 3 minutes…. sticklers I tell ya 😉

Once we were able to set-up, we were ready to go by 6:30am with three tents, three tables, a plethora of chairs and TONS of food & drinks. I was keeping a keen eye out for my friends at Fleet Feet Savannah that were running some miles before their celebrations of the day!

FF runners

Once the parade started, drinks were flowing and food was eaten. I think I ate my weight in cookies, bean dip, and adult beverages. One of my besties from college was in town, so we stayed in Saturday night since we were 1) exhausted from the day’s activities and 2) I had to wake up and run…

nicole and i st pats

I made a bet with myself last week to run 15-18 miles on Sunday morning. Well… it was rough, but 15 miles were all mine! The first 9 I was rocking and then I hit a wall but I pushed through for a few more miles. Once I was done,  I knew that Sunday Funday was about to get started. And started it did!!!

This year was the perfect St Patrick’s Day…. and I can’t wait until 2014 😉

**I am running the Beaufort Twilight 8k on Saturday…. but if you can’t make it there, why not run a morning 5k with Carver Elementraty School!**

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