I need more Green!

I’ve done this to myself every year for the past five years….

Rush around at the last moment trying to find the perfect kelly green top for St Patrick’s Day here in Savannah. You would think that by living in the 2nd Largest St Pat’s parade area IN THE NATION, I would have acquired my fair share. But apparently, I didn’t get the memo.

But anyways, this week has been solid for workouts. I had a little mid-week check in and only missed my Thursday morning run. I love that my mojo is back… I think it had a little something to do with my refreshing trip to Durango, CO! Or maybe that my 2nd marathon and summer are just around the corner 😉 Either way, I’ll take it!

With my week’s workouts being solid, I really hope I don’t drop the ball on my Sunday run. I think I have a pretty solid strategy! I am going to do about 5-6 miles on my own, then meet up with Jenn  to conquer the last 10-12 miles. All while my dear college friend, Nicole, is sleeping or sippin’ coffee!

I think that this may be good practice for the not so ideal race scenarios…. tired, sore legs from standing all day, sore arms from possible fist pumping at the parade, and sore stomach from crap food and a jello shot… or two!

And if you aren’t going to the parade or setting up a tent (like myself) at the crack o’ dawn….  join Fleet Feet Savannah for a Top O’ the Morning Run. You will be running past Lafayette Square, so make sure to say HI…. I’ll hand you a drink if you want 😉

Happy St Patrick’s Day, Savannah. Let’s keep it classy while getting sassy!

4 thoughts on “I need more Green!”

  1. Way to go on the workouts this week- glad your MoJo is coming back. Best of luck getting your Sunday run in the way you plan it.

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