Cancer Sucks and a Give-a-Way

If you have been a long time reader,  you know that I F’n hate cancer.

I ran Rock n Roll Savannah Full Marathon in 2011 for the American Cancer Society’s DetermiNation program.


I love Camp Ukandu and am hosting a fundraising challenge all year that promotes running and helping kids with cancer.


And I fully believe in the research that the American Cancer Society does. Because a ‘world with less cancer, is a world with more birthdays’.

So how can you help? Besides donating to the “1,000 Miles” challenge (and hopefully joining!), YOU can get involved with ACS research. By participating in the CPS-3 , you will help the American Cancer Society learn more about how lifestyle, environmental and genetics play a role in cancer.

So are YOU eligible for the study?

Are you 30 (through 65 years old)?

mareesa and i

Yep. Pretty sure I rocked in my thirties, 80’s style.


{above photo from Camp Ukandu Teen Retreat}

Never been diagnosed with cancer?

Thank God, I have never had to hear the C word.

And willing to make a long commitment to receiving and answering questions about your lifestyle.

If that means that I take a few minutes every few years to fill out valuable questions will help save someone’s life…. game on!

So Savannah, want to enroll and help save a life? CLICK HERE. And if you don’t live in Savannah, check to see if a city near you is hosting a drive! All you need to do is start, is to register for a quick in-person enrollment that works for your schedule.

I just signed up, will you?


Two years ago, I ran the Beaufort Twilight 5k with two of my best college girlfriends who were in town for St Pattys.

beaufort 2011

If you re-read the race recap, it was my first 5k that I ran sub-40. You may think, oh wow… no big deal. But I was flippin’ stoked! The course was amazing and the oyster roast after was even better. And lucky for you, I have a race entry (winner picks 5k or 8k) to give-a-way!!!! Leave a comment below to enter {because I can’t get rafflecopter to show. argh} (edited at 7:12am).

For this give-a-way, you must be available to be in Beaufort, SC on March 23rd! Contest ends on Friday, February 15th a midnight


I will be there to run the 8k, so I hope to see you there!

14 thoughts on “Cancer Sucks and a Give-a-Way”

  1. I registered for the survey :). I have an appointment at the Civic Center on the 27th at 12:30. And since I’m already registered for Beaufort then someone else has a better shot at winning :). HAPPY FRIDAY!!

  2. I’m not eligible (age), otherwise I would’ve signed up in a heartbeat! So excited you are taking this on and spreading the word! I hope you share more about the study in the future.

  3. Thanks Victoria for all you do to support cancer research and getting the word out there. I had never heard of that survey until now so I’m going to check it out. I f’n hate cancer as well… Even though I have been a slacker in the 1000 miles competition, I still intend to donate and watching everyone add on so many miles each month is really inspiring! I’m hoping to participate more once I go back to work on the 18th and have childcare 🙂

  4. Thank you for making it so easy to find the ACS study information! It’s been one of those things in the back of my mind, but now, I have my appointment for February 26!

    And please add me to the giveaway! I’d love to run that race because Beaufort is beautiful and oysters are delicious.

  5. As it stands right now, I am scheduled to work March 23rd. If I win I can try to get it off or pass it on to MoJo. She’d love the race – we’ve heard good things about it from friends who have run it before.

  6. Victoria- you are like the energizer bunny! Thank you for all you do. . . and for making this important opportunity so easy to participate in. I made my reservation and completed my survey. It took less than 45 minutes! Which is nothing when you think about the difference this research could make. Oh. . . and I’d love to run the Twilight 8k with you so please put my name in the drawing.

  7. Thanks for sharing the info on the American Cancer Society and the CPS-3 study. I’m planning on setting up an appointment to be a part of the program. I’m already signed up for the BTR, but if I win, I’d love to register my son!

  8. I signed up for the study! Cancer does indeed suck so I am happy to help in any research I can to help find a cure.

    I’ve never done the Beaufort Twilight run, but looks like a great race and would love a chance to do it!

  9. Thanks for sharing about the ACS survey. Just had sad news of a friends passing this morning. She spent the last 20+years battling cancer on and off. You post came at an opportune time. I’ve scheduled my appt at habersham YMCA for Feb 26th. And yes put me in the draw for the twilight run. Sounds like a great run.

  10. I am not eligible for the study due to age, but I am involved through a few other groups, one specifically being “Be the Match”. I enjoy your blog and would love the race opportunity!!

  11. I just registered for Beaufort 8k. I am also registered for Get Your Rear in Gear, March 2nd. This event is for colon cancer. My father was a 30-year survivor of colon cancer. I am running the 5k on Jeff Garton’s team The Semi-Colon;s. please join me on his team.

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