Pure Barre Savannah

Holy Hell.

I went to the 5:30pm class for Pure Barre last night and would of probably have rather run 20 miles. And I mean that in the best way possible.

That class kicked my ass. Literally. I tucked my tush and gyrated my hips until I felt like Shakira laying on a yoga mat.

After reading a bunch of healthy living bloggers and their LOVE for Pure Barre…. I was stoked when I saw it coming to Savannah a few months ago. Finally on Sunday night, when I was at Katie’s house enjoying some wine, we decided to take a chance at a class.

Picture 017

{photo from over a year ago of Katie and I}

Our instructor was super nice and walked around to help us newbies with our posture and tucking. I was sweating like a long run on a summer day. But that didn’t sway me from gyrating.

To begin the class, you do a quick warm-up and then immediately start with the arms & abs. I never thought 2 lb weights would rock my world. But they did. And make no mistakes, I LOVE to find a workout that challenges me and makes me sore. And what girl wouldn’t want to say goodbye to arm flab!

Then we started into thighs…. I had somewhat of a hard time when we got to the barre portion, because with my weak knee, I have a hard time squatting and doing exercises from a low position. I was extremely thankful when the instructor said “last 30 seconds”. My muscles were shaking and sweat was pouring off my forehead.

pure barre 1

{the ‘torture’ tools}

After some barre work for our thighs, we worked our tushies. Let me tell you, I was not blessed like J.Lo but good grief… I feel like my ass was just risen up to the heavens. I LOVED the tush part of the workout. Hard, but you could immediately feel where you were working.

After some stretching at the end, we were done {and a collective sigh of relief… ahhhh}

And while I grumbled in my head throughout; “why do these 2 lb weights seem to weigh a ton?”, “am I THAT out of shape?” and “damn… maybe I’ll look like Jessica Biel if I keep this up”- I LOVED the program and class. I can totally see why they say that people see results in as little as ten classes.

pure barre 2

{the instructor and I… I have nicknamed her ‘Killa’}

So if you have a Pure Barre in  your area… go check it out! It would be great cross training for running. You can’t be a fabulous runner if your core isn’t strong!

** This review is my honest opinion. I paid for my own class and would do so again!**

8 thoughts on “Pure Barre Savannah”

  1. I purchased Living Social deal for 4 classes- I need to get there! You inspire me! Let me know when you are going back.
    Thanks for the review!

  2. I recognize your story from my first time Crossfit experience. I would love to try Pure Barre, but unfortunately we don’t have much to choose from in Rincon 🙁
    Keep up the good work VTBH!

  3. I got the Living Social deal too! I need to get in there soon too. I went and joined a friend one Friday for my first class… it’s a definitely a different type of workout. I love trying new things. Can’t wait to go back!

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