Ledesma Sports Medicine Ultra Marathon & VIPs

On Saturday, Savannah was home to the first annual Ledesma Sports Medicine Ultra Marathon. I have been so excited for this event, because local races are really my favorite. Plus, the event organizers are such sweet people (Hi, DAN, MICHELLE, and TIM!!).

I was supposed to run this race but due to my knee issues, I didn’t have my mileage where it was supposed to be. BUT that doesn’t mean I can’t go out there and cheer like hell for my friends!

Ultra Aide Station

Lindsay and I went out to set up Aide Station #3 around 7:30am. We had a wide selection of food, gels and hydration. The best part of it was the M&M cookies… thankfully I left them for the runners đŸ˜‰

The above photo doesn’t even do our station justice… we added a tent, more food and a really loud cheering section. I believe that if they did a ‘customer service’ survey, we would have scored ’10’s across the board!

Once the leading runners came through, things stayed exciting the whole time. Helping runners fill water bottles, passing out salt tabs, and cheering our hearts out! The best part about volunteering at Ultras is that everyone is laid-back and full of spirit.

Mel Ultra

{Go, Melissa, Go!}

Now, a first year event wasn’t without a few kinks. But nothing catastrophic or anything major and everyone is looking forward to next year already! Bigger, better and even more fun!

So I hope to see EVERYONE out there next year. Whether it be the 5k, 25k or 50k. Just run!


And last night, I had the pleasure of dining with the Fleet Feet Savannah family, head haunchos from Saucony, and Fleet Feet corporate folks. The big wigs came into town to celebrate the local Fleet Feet store for winning the #FindYourStrong video contest. You can see the winning video on the link to Fleet Feet Savannah above!

Saucony Dinner

It’s amazing where social media can take you…. I never thought I would be meeting the President of Saucony.

Thank you Fleet Feet for being such a positive influence in Savannah!

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  1. You have no idea. I knew if I could get to mile 9 (albeit it, you showed up at mile 6!)LOL… and then re get you at mile 11ish… that I could finish. Yalls stop was my goals. Thats all I needed. And it wasnt just the DDP waiting for me! đŸ™‚

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