Transformation Tuesday

The worldwide web is a funny place. It can connect the most random people, let you market yourself to whomever, and obviously get the latest in celebrity gossip.
I “met” April last year via twitter and through the #runsav peeps. She is inspirational, insightful, giving, and blessed with her family. I love following her running journey and I hope you do too!

1- Why did you start your weight loss process?

I woke up one morning and realized I was squashing a whole lot of potential. I had allowed myself to get lazy and just call it “normal.” After all, I am a mid-30, married mother of 4 children. I have a full time job. I am supposed to be a little soft. It was okay to carry extra weight.

The truth was I was using excuses because I was afraid it would be too hard, I wouldn’t be enough, and I would fail.

The truth is I am a role model for my daughters. Some of the fittest women in the world are older than me. Some are nearly twice my age. Being fit give me more ability to tackle my life. I am supposed to be strong. So, I laced up my sneakers and started walking the dog.

2- How long did it take you to get to your maintenance weight? And how many pounds did you lose?

8 months and I have lost about 30 pounds.

3- What are your best/favorite tips for those just starting their journey?

You can go crazy with the amount of information out there (most of it contradictory) about how to do “it” “right.” The “it”s are different, the “right”s are varied. The truth is, we really know what to do – move your body, put good, real foods in your mouth, and stay positive. It is not a “diet” or a “program.” It is a life. Smile a lot and just do better for your body today than you did yesterday.

4- What was your biggest challenge or hurdle?

There are two and they continue to be challenges – Time and Food. I have had to be diligent in carving out scheduled times for my exercise. That has meant getting up earlier, going to sleep earlier, and getting the children involved at the YMCA. It has been tough but doable.

Food is my comfort and my addiction. It was no small feat to remove processed and artificial foods from my daily life. I still miss Jalapeno Cheetos and Chi Fil A Drive through. The trade off in how I feel is worth it. Better still, my kids are now starting to address foods in “good for your body” kind of way. It is a huge leap in great living for the whole family.

5- What is your favorite food that you have discovered as a result of seeking out healthier options?

HUMMUS! I use it on everything. I use it as a replacement for cream cheese, sour cream, mayonnaise, etc. It is a dip, a spread, a snack. I like it plain and flavored. It is just wonderful.  

6- How is life different now than before, outside of diet and exercise?

I am a more positive, gracious person. I am strong and energetic so I have more to give the world around me. It was hard so I feel more compassion and patience for others who are experiencing challenges.

I encountered a few moments where folks were not so nice and it showed me how not to approach my new lifestyle. I appreciate differences and just because I enjoy something or it works for me, does not mean it is necessarily for everybody else. I am more even tempered and not so rigid.

I am just mentally and physically better. I smile more. I help more. I am moody and tired less. I am a better wife, momma, daughter, friend because I am a better me 🙂


WOW! Amazing! And that transformation was started by simply walking her dog. Simple changes yield large results! Way to go April!

On a Victoria Runs sidenote– yesterday morning we were down one coach, so I volunteered to run with the run group. Being that I normally mentor the r/w , deep inside I was slightly apprehensive but I wanted to push myself on my tired legs from Sunday’s brick workout . It felt awesome to push it in the 84 degree heat. We held around a 9:45-10:30 min/pace. This is fast for me, so I was stoked! I stayed with them until mile two of the run and then circled back to make sure the middle part of our group was good to go. It was really hot and steamy, but our whole group is real strong from top to bottom.  We were all sweaty, but all SMILES!

Have a great Tuesday, y’all!


10 thoughts on “Transformation Tuesday”

  1. Thanks y’all 🙂 It has been amazing. Putting the before’s and now’s together was shocking even for me. I am so appreciative to Victoria for her support and encouragement.

    Good luck with that Paleo. I hear a lot of people do great on it. I tried it and it just didn’t agree with my body at all. It has truly been fascinating to learn and grow with others. It has really made me appreciate more the differences and similarities that we all have.

    I had never thought of thinning it with water or nut milk! I love that!!

  2. Thanks for the tip re hummus. I had some the other day and it is wonderful. I would like to make my own though so I can control the ingredients.

    off to look up recipes for hummus…. 🙂

    You look fabulous…but I think you look good with or without the extra 30 lbs. Well…maybe an extra 15. LOL!

  3. Ardell!! My beautiful friend 🙂 It is so wonderful to “see” you!!

    I too am working on the hummus business. I am getting closer, but it is still a bit off. The first batch was inedible. The next was okay. Going to try again soon and I am sure it will get better.

    LOLS!! Thanks!! That extra 15-30 can stay RIGHT where it is – a pile of sweat on the YMCA floor 🙂

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