Hunger Games Snack Packs

I think I know all 14 people left in the world who have not seen the Hunger Games.

Yep. That’s some of them right there. Meet about half of the ladies in the book club (or as we so affectionately call it, “Random Activities Club”). We decided to wait until after the rush to the box office for the Hunger Games, so we are finally going today.

A few weeks ago, I volunteered to bring snack packs for everyone.  And as the words were coming out of my mouth; visions of cookies from Peeta’s family’s bakery and {fake} poisonous berries danced around in my head, I got all giddy.

Fast forward to last night, I got lazy didn’t feel so hot. So I skipped the Drench class at the gym and decided a trip to Wally World would suffice.

So it was all about the trailmix, iced animal crackers (duh. because they fit like animals), chips, and some candy. All wrapped up and ready to go! Oh and the Hunger Games quotes… yay. I am going to make the girls wear them.

We are that cool.


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