St Pete Half Marathon Recap and the W Hotel Buckhead (Atlanta)

This past weekend, Finn and I traveled down to St Peterburg, Florida to run the Rock n Roll Half Marathon. While Finn’s plans got derailed by a car accident 3 weeks or so ago, we still had a fun trip!

On Saturday, I met up with new friend, Julie who blogs over at La Petite Maison Verte. Which means for all of us who took the easy way in high school, aka Spanish class… The Little Green House in French! Oh la la! Julia is so nice and refreshing. Check out her clean recipes and musings.

Sunday morning was FREEZING! Like 35 degrees and snotsicle cold. Thank goodness I packed gloves and ear warmers. Next time I am going to make Finn be my personal nose warmer.

I ended up not taking a lot of photos on the course, because I was trying really hard to PR and beat my 2:45 time from Charleston. I set out and kept under 12 min/miles. Which according to my handy dandy pace calculator is 2:37.12. I kept this until mile 9. 

Then the knee pain came back. I have been having this over the top, towards the inner knee pain occasionally on long runs but usually I can push through. I pushed until mile 11…. then this happened–

Really? No smile. Mile 12.
(ps- I don’t know why the box is around all the text… ugh, can’t wait til my new site launches!)

Mile 11-13 hurt so bad. I think I was walking (and obvi making cho-cho train arms) going like 20 min/mi pace… Once I got in the chute I heard one of Flo Rida’s top songs. I couldn’t even muster a stronger cadence.

BUT as always, glass half full! It’s another medal! The course was beautiful. My favorite signs were the yogis… “Great endurance. Call me”. I bet they got a lot of guys to holler at them!

I do need to get my knee checked out. It is swollen and hurts to bend and touch.

Fast forward to Monday and I am in Atlanta for work and staying at one of the W Hotels. Swanky.

Check out these digs.

Hope everyone is having a great day! I am off to Chops Lobster Bar… I hear their seafood selection is flown in fresh daily!

Oh… want to hear more about other’s RnR St Pete Races. Check out Meals and Miles who reached her goal of 1:45! And Wanna be Athlete and her first half! Sweet job, ladies!

7 thoughts on “St Pete Half Marathon Recap and the W Hotel Buckhead (Atlanta)”

  1. I LOVED this post! Congratulations on another race done, I hope your knee is feeling MUCH better by now!

  2. Oh girl you rocked it! and too bad about the knee. I hate that last pic b/c you can see the pain in your face 🙁 makes me sad. I love the one prior where you're all YOU 😀 but glad you stuck with it and finished. Feel better xxoxo

  3. Thanks ladies! My knee feels about 70% better. Stairs still hurt, lateral moves and pushing on it. I need to not be stubborn and make an ortho appointment.

    Hope everyone had a fabulous Valentines Day xoxo

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