Just Did It!

This past weekend I was up in Atlanta for the wedding of our friends. Gorgeous. Gorgeous.
Josh and I
Oh wait. You thought I was talking about the wedding…. yep. That was amazing and fabulous too!
 Being that my client appointments didn’t start until Tuesday, I decided to lollygag up to G’Ville to see my new nephew. But that didn’t come without a few stops…..
 Nike Outlet in Commerce, Ga. Yep, I Did It.
So after more Fa La La La’ing and Christmas Shopping for myself, I made it up to snuggle with my handsome nephew. I swear, God knew what he was doing when he made him. I didn’t think you could package that much cuteness into one person. So after plenty of kisses, snuggles, and surprisingly not too many cries; I was on my way back to Atlanta to hang out with my friends (Joe & Josh) and get ready for work. 
This morning started off great.  I was as bright as lemon in my new Nike gear for a run with Jake Gingerhall. 
Oh Nike. How I love thee. I have always had an affinity towards Nike. 

Nike really made it big when I was brace faced, awkward, and loving semi-hating life. My dad used to joke that he would “put swooshes all over the house and mark up the price”. I started wearing them because I thought they looked cool with my Jnco’s. Yep. I just admitted that. And no, I will not ask my mother for any photos. Now, I always tend to gravitate towards Nike in any running store, TJ Maxx-ish shopping chain, or Nike store or outlet. Nike seems to fit me perfectly. The tanks are long and don’t ride. The capris and run skirts fit perfectly. I always seem to feel slimmer in them, who doesn’t want to feel slimmer.
Funny. I didn’t have a Rudolph Nose or dreidel this morning.
This Saturday is the Reindeer Run 8k. Stay tuned for race recap and my first product review. Wahoo! Have a great night y’all. 

QOD: Is anyone running a Holiday run this weekend?

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