It’s Not a Resolution, But a Commitment to Myself

Let’s recap how 2011 went in a few words and photos, before I say my commitments for 2012 to myself.
The BBD that happened. No, not bigger better deal. THE BEST, BIGGEST DAY of my life thus far… Finn proposed!
One of our engagement photos by Jenn Hopkins Photography. Collective… awwwww
Training then commenced for the marathon. My redemption. I DNF’d Disney three years before due to my knee around mile 15. My ego and knee both hurt immensely, but I still got to see three of my girls from college finish with great smiles on their faces!
Training was great. A 3 day a week program with cross training on your own. Problem was… I got off the cross training band wagon. Opps!! The program (through Fleet Feet Savannah) was awesome. A+. Stellar. I met so many amazing people I know call friends. We see each other outside of runs and it’s always nice to see more friendly races at our local races. It didn’t even matter that I was the slowest one in the group, we were a family and family doesn’t care how fast or slow you are. They just care that you complete the journey. 
So that pretty much sums up all I have talked about this 2011. Wedding and Running. Running and Wedding. I also mixed in a lot of talk about the American Cancer Society DetermiNation, as I fundraised for them. Such an amazing cause, feel free to check them out for your next race! And make every mile count 🙂
Drum Roll Please….. Cue the Trumpets….

Commitments to Myself for 2012!
#1- Become a Mrs. I CAN NOT WAIT. My favorite part of the whole wedding weekend is going to be the “I DO”… we have even practiced 😉 But, I am really excited to see all the details my parents and I (with input from the groom of course!) have put into the wedding. It is everything I have dreamed about since I was a little girl. Yep, I was that little girl. I am committing my life to Finn. And I couldn’t be happier about it. squeal.
#2-My race schedule and training schedule for 2012. This will take another post… probably tomorrow. But the biggest training commitment looming over my head is the Augusta Half Ironman. This is a big commitment, but I believe I am mentally ready. Now to get physically ready 😉 BRING IT! And I will add cross training. Something I did not do in 2011. I am committing to myself to work the schedule and enjoy the training.
#3- I was asked to be a coach for No Boundaries! I am flattered and so pumped. Even though I may not be the fastest runner, I love to help others succeed at their goals. Just like my coaches did with me. NoBo is a program through Fleet Feet in which participants will run their first 5k at the end of three months. I am excited to team up with the program head and learn from her, as well as, channel my old swim coach days! I am committing to myself to be a great coach and listen to the athletes!
#4- I want to cook more at home and bring in the leftovers as lunches. This requires meal planning. Finn got me a sweet apron for Christmas. I feel like this will help!
What you don’t wear goggles when cutting onions?!?
#5- Have more FUN. Well… folks. It’s BACK! FUN! That little word that some people are afraid to have. This is probably one of the best traits my dad taught me. F-U-N. Goofy. Silly. Life is too short to be all nose in the air. ahem. Snot-face-like. 
I am going to have FUN with my training…. yep, wearing costumes for short (ie 5k’s… yeah no more 5 milers while holding up a hot cocoa cup… my fingers still hurt!) and cheering (when not running) like those crazy fun ladies over at Once Upon a (L)ime and Sweat Once a Day.
I am going to train with fun. Push myself with fun cross training. I have a goal to try at least six new types of workouts next year. I am really pumped about trying paddleboard yoga this summer. Yep. Just what it sounds like.
Thanks Pinterest, because I know I won’t look that awesome…
This Monday, a few of us are trying out TRX. BAM. January 2nd… and already knocking off #1 of 6 new workouts in 2012. That’s how I roll.

QOD: Do you make resolutions? What are y’alls goals?

7 thoughts on “It’s Not a Resolution, But a Commitment to Myself”

  1. 2012 is going to be an exciting year for you! I'm all about goals, resolutions, commitments, whatever you want to call them and always make some!

  2. Thanks Abbi! I can't wait for 2012. I even made monthly goals and have a spreadsheet… but didn't want to bore people with the details 🙂 Have a great New Years. I look forward to reading your progress!

  3. Cross training… a must!! Start swimming next week? I realized I need to get a swimsuit for it. Also, I'm glad you called them commitments! I think I'll add the goal to have fun to my goals as well. I think that's important and this year I was so serious about training that it drained me sometimes.

    And, I love the apron!!

  4. AAACK half ironman augusta!!! Maybe I should do that one! I'm on the prowl for a half ironman……and if you're doing it, it's a no brainer haha! But seriously, I'm going to check it out!

    Oh my gosh I can't wait to see your wedding play out, I am so excited for your dreams to come true!

  5. You totally should do the Augusta half!!! From what I hear from a friend the swim is WITH the current, she only got out of the saddle once on the bike and the run was well… 13.1 🙂

    I can't wait for our wedding. I am going to wait until after the big day and all that jazz to post about it 🙂 YIPPPEEEE!!!!

  6. Sarah… which days work best for you to swim? Our CREW marathon group is going M/W (but starting W the 3rd) at 6pm. Wanna go? I am still up for mornings!! But starting in Feb, I coach MWF mornings, but we can do Thursday am's.

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