I wonder what an Ironman Feels Like…

This morning kicked off with an early 5 miler WITH Finn. Yep, with Finn. That is the first time in almost three years that I have been fast enough and him patient enough to run with me. For me, it was pretty much the best morning ever.
I then quickly got ready for my work Ladies Party.
Protein Shake, anyone?
What a fun way to spend a morning. Yummy noshes, a mimosa or two, and Secret Santa gift exchange. I was just happy to draw #1, so I got the benefit of taunting helping my lovely co-workers during the exchange. “No Laurie. Don’t you want to steal Holly’s homemade wreath. You really have no use for this xyz”.
Fast forward through a quick shopping trip to pick up some more items off my Christmas list and a heavenly nap. Now I am doing laundry like a mad woman and watching the recap of the 2011 Ironman. Holy cannoli. 
I want to be half the badass they are. Finn and I are talking about a goal of 2013 to do the Augusta Half Ironman. I swam through my Junior Year in college (D3) and I can run, albeit not as badass as I would like. I need to add more cross training into my regime and I think this long term is a great way to help me get back in the pool and my tuckus in the saddle. Maybe I should have a tri or two added to the list of races for 2012? Good idea, right?!
QOD: Have you done a half Ironman?

2 thoughts on “I wonder what an Ironman Feels Like…”

  1. I think you should go for it! I transitioned from running to tri last year and love it. I did my first half ironman last year and while it's a lot of work it was easier than I thought it would be! Kona this year was AMAZING =)

  2. I have been seriously considering! We are going to train up until our March wedding then put the rubber to the road. I can't believe you did KONA!! OMG!!!

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