I Won….

I won. I won. Not the race, silly. But the 2nd Annual Savannah Reindeer Run’s Costume Contest!
I love local races just as much as the next person and this race was another one for the books. Great cause (our local Rape Crisis Center), beautiful weather (umm, hello 70 degrees. Great to see you again!), and quite a few of my local running buddies ran it (yep, I am that popular the benefits of a small town race).

 I had spent all of last night working on my costume. 

I woke up early. Ate some Coach’s Oats, gathered my costume into the car without eating my hat and went to the Convention Center to meet up with quite a handful of anxious Reindeer & Elves. 
My friend, Merilee, pinned my “cocoa” portion on and I put my shoulder straps and I thought I was walking around like the cutest cup of cocoa south of the North Pole. Then the start of the race happened….
Have you ever ran 5 miles without your arms? Plus holding up a bucket complete with candy cane stirrer because it’s one of the four food groups according to Elf AND with JUMBO size real marshmallows on your hat?! Yep. I have. It wasn’t pretty. I added about 13 minutes to my 8k PR. BUT I had the most fun and being the ham that I am… I loved every stinkin’ second of people saying “Hey, Hot Cocoa. We love your costume”.
So after the race, everyone congregates into the Exhibit Hall at the Center. All those entering the contest go on stage. I gracefully walk trip up the stairs. Damn bucket. So I do my best debutante stance and waved to the crowd. All my true southern friends would have been so proud.

We waited for the results. It felt like an eternity. Or just like 30 seconds. TA-DAH!!! Hot Cocoa for the Win!

Me with my prize pack

And because I am an instant celebrity. Real celebrities want their photo with me. #proof.

Jamie Deen, Paula’s son. Get it right, y’all.
So this morning turned out great. Supported an awesome cause. And now I am geared up for next year’s race. I even have an idea for my costume AND I want one of the fast people medals. See, they make them out of the glass that the victims throw against the “anger wall”. Releasing their pain and anger. Beautiful.

QOD: How did you spend your morning? Any Holiday or New Year’s runs coming up for you?

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  1. Hey how hot is that cocoa? Your reply? "Too hot for y'all to handle!". Cute post. KymberlyFunFit

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