Happy People Don’t Shoot Their Husbands…

“Exercise gives your endorphins. Endorphins make you happy”
Or if you need more convinving… follow the Brooks Running Company’s mantra:
Run Happy. Y’all. 
Now, let’s get real. When the alarm goes off at 4:30am, I am not all Reese Witherspoon. Although, in my dreams I wish I was because she did date Jake Gyllenhaal for a hot minute. sigh.
It takes every ounce of strength for me to get out of bed and get my tuckus to the gym or out on the pavement. Sometimes I have an internal debate like so:
Me: F*#%… (roll over, glance at alarm) it’s 4:30
Workout Me: Princess, get your hiney to the gym
Me: But I only got 6.75 hours of sleep, not 8
Workout Me: so, you got like 9 last night. AND you ate like 2 cookies. move it.
Me: how about I reset my alarm for 30 more minutes…..
and so on and so forth.
Once I get there, I feel great. I love to sweat. Sweat looks great on me. The post workout soreness. I crave it and it makes my day amazing. I love when my abs or arms hurt. Gosh. I love it. Why can’t I love it enough at 4:30am when I have to go to the gym with no one there to meet me?!
Training is so much easier during marathon season. When I had a group of 30 to see three days a week. But to be honest, I slacked off. I didn’t do my cross training during the season. Because no one was there to see me, to hold me accountable. I need to be my FitFluential self and get off my slacker horse and MOVE IT! I have goals that I want to accomplish and I need to work on them. Sometimes I can be my own worst enemy. I need to learn to be my own advocate and make a change. I will talk about some of my goals in another post. Don’t worry, Boston is not one of them. This is a running blog, not a comedy blog. 
I hate the feeling I get from not working out. Even just a few days. The same feeling I got last night after eating a few too many noshes at book club (more on a follow-up post!).  Like if you actually bought this belly buster deal and ate it all in one sitting. eww. gross. I can’t believe I actually saw some people on stalkerbook excited about buying that.
So I vow to myself, I will advocate for myself. I am the only one that can make the change. Tomorrow is a new day. Thank you, Miz Fit for your vlog tips. I am STARTing (again) tomorrow. After the marathon, I needed a reboot. Thank you for helping me reboot!
 Anyways. It’s getting late. Grandma has been in her pink PJs since 7pm and is heading to bed to rest up for 4:30am. Check out twitter tomorrow am (victoria_runs) to see if I made it to the gym…. with a smile!
Hope you like my new PJs. Actually I don’t care if you do. Because Huntman does and that’s all that matters.
QOD: Have you ever had a runner’s high?  
Maybe Charlie Sheen should take up running.

3 thoughts on “Happy People Don’t Shoot Their Husbands…”

  1. I love this! Totally make me smile!!

    I just started running again (attempt 12389)…

    Also I think you mean Shoot in your title. 🙂 I mistype all the time and usually no one tells me, so I hope you don't mind me telling you!

  2. Thanks, MizFit!

    And Emily thanks for catching it! I totally was going with the flow and typing it from YouTube subtitle 😉

    Glad I could make y'all smile. Ok off to the gym!

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