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Christmas is my favorite time of the year. Not merely for the awesome presents, but because of the time spent with loved ones. Since I have been with Finn, we go up to my parents for Christmas (and Thanksgiving with his family). We make it work!
This year, we went into DC and spent the afternoon at the Museum of Natural History on December 23rd.
Anyone seen “Night at the Museum”…
As much as I begged and pleaded. He wouldn’t steal the Hope Diamond for me. #slacker.
We then went to dinner at McCormick & Schmicks. A good ole standby. I ordered a wine flight… well the bartender was busy, so the waiter poured it for me. I won’t complain.
The tuna tartare prepared table-side was a nice way to start off our dinner. I was satisfied with my selection of the dual seafood entree, but not blown away. But the side of sweet potato couscous was amazing!

We then walked the few blocks to Ford Theatre, where Lincoln was shot, to watch “A Christmas Carol”. I haven’t been to Ford in a few years to see their rendition and man oh man, have they added some spectacular special effects. Even Finn enjoyed himself thorougly.

******Christmas Eve******

The Eve of Christmas. Should really be called VR’s favorite day of the year! I woke up and did the 100 series workout in the basement. About 30 minutes of sweat before playing elf and wrapping up the rest of the presents from my dad to my mom.

My dad and I have a Christmas Eve tradition that has been going on for 18 years now. We go hang out for the morning and then go eat Cracker Barrel. And every year, I ask if they have oatmeal. And yes, I know they stop serving oatmeal at 10am. And yes, we get there at 1pm. And no, every year they don’t have it. Ugh. Maybe next year.

We then get back and quickly get ready for my parent’s annual Christmas Eve Party. My mom spends all week prepping for it. Food & drink galore! Sadly, I didn’t take any photos… but let me tell you. All of the friends that were in attendance, including myself, we all surely ate to our belly’s content!

*****Did Santa Get the Memo?*****

Yep, he sure did! He got it loud and clear! Apparently my direct connection with Santa helped. For Finn and I got a lot of running and biking items. Most of our tags were from “Fit Santa” or “Wedding Santa”. I love that Santa appreciates my healthy lifestyle. Mrs Claus (aka mama), she is a healthy eater…. still trying to get her on the fitness bandwagon. Maybe one day!! (ahem… did you read that mom??!!).

My favorite item from Christmas: our custom cards to use for Thank You’s etc for after the wedding… so gorgeous. Compression socks, Running Skirt, Nike gym bag, Burberry perfume, plus a slew of other items. Even my stocking was stockpiled of chomps and protein shake goodies! Santa and Finn, y’all did good!!

After a fun few days with my family, it was sadly time to head home. It only took us about an hour to unpack and put up all the gifts. Now I can’t wait to starting wearing all my new shirts to work and trying out all my new running gear. Nothing like new gear to keep you motivated. For say, maybe that Half Ironman in September….

2 thoughts on “Fit Santa”

  1. You scored for Christmas! Cute running skirt. I want to get me some of those. Love how it gives us back our femininity.

    Why would Finn not steal the hope diamond for you? Total slacker! 😉
    Isn't that where they filmed one of the parts of Night at the Museum?

    Glad you had a great holiday!

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