Coach’s Oats: Through Spoken Word

I love oats. I always have. When I got back on the health wagon, oats have been my go-to in the morning. My security blanket. But let me tell you, not all oats are created equal. Just like all men. Thankfully, I found the best of each.
Sit back. Listen to 3 or so minutes of my intelligent early morning ramblings about Coach’s Oats. I hope that my first effort at vlogging does not disappoint. And if it does, I hope that Hunter’s cameo makes up for it. I hope.
Find out more about Coach’s Oats here! They have great recipes on their website and are active on Twitter & Facebook too! Please support this small company.
On an unrelated, but just as awesome front. Heather from Running with Sass, asked her readers to email their Christmas light photos the other day. Well, lookie here… can you find me??
Have a great Sunday y’all! I am going to tackle the pile of laundry, make the 4pm spin class, and a backyard concert/oyster roast!!

3 thoughts on “Coach’s Oats: Through Spoken Word”

  1. You are the one with all the lights stuffed for a run… LOL. Great first Vlog. I love Coach's Oats, too! They have an awesome taste to them.

    haha.. nice nutcracker pun.

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