Two Christmas Lights and a Partridge in a Healthy Pear Tree

FA LALALALA I counted two houses that still had their Christmas lights on just twinkling away in the early morning light.

I biked the two miles over to Katie’s and we went around a few different neighborhoods on our Island for a total of 7 miles. I then peeled off and biked the scenic way home with the sun sneaking up over the marsh. I am sure y’all are getting annoyed with my rubbing it in, but we really live in a dream. Coastal living is where my heart is. No wonder I couldn’t last more than a year in Portland, Oregon. I loved the town, food, beer, and lattes (if you ever visit Gresham, Oregon… you MUST tell me, because I will give you a few must eats!!). Probably how I gained back my college weight back (lost it while living in Key West) through constant lattes to help me feel better about living in a constant gray fog.

I have stayed a pretty consistent weight my whole life. I still have pants from eight years ago that I fit in, so I am pretty happy with that. BUT I am not satisfied. I want to be an athlete. I want to be fit. I want to be someone that when people look at me, they can tell that I am a runner! I did though peak my Soph/Jr year of college. At my heaviest weight, I was so frustrated. Even though I swam for my college, yes we were D-3…  I was still an athlete. I have always battled with this issue. But now I can tackle it, because I have recognized the issue and am owning it. (PS- I am now about 30lbs less than my heaviest weight with a goal to lose 15-20 more).
At my heaviest, 21 years old

With my CREW training and eating right, I will be fit and own my health. I want to one day be the mom with a jogging stroller beating people at the local 5k and 10k. It will happen, because I will make it happen!

I probably won’t talk much about weight issues on here, because this is my running blog and progress towards the marathon. Plus I am not comfortable with putting my body issues out there… but who knows!

So back to my workout! I biked 11 miles this morning and due to storms tonight, my Sunset Bike Club is bringing it inside and just eating. I brought lasagna for the group and bought Amy’s Lean lasagna for myself to eat! Couple that with fresh salad and a glass of wine and should be a solid night looking out on the marsh at our friend, LB’s house! Tomorrow’s workout is speed work…. if its raining, I’m hitting the TM!!

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  1. Good luck with your goal. It looks like we have about the same amount to lose before we hit our goal weight. 🙂

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