Pre-Crew 2

So my title rhymed… must be a poet and I didn’t even know it!

Yesterday (Friday the 13th), I forgot my ipod for my run. I have never run without music. The old VTB would have just driven home and kicked up her heels and not run. But not the new VTB who is on a mission. I sucked it up and ran in the 88 degree heat. Nothing but me and my 2 feet. I actually even kept a good pace with keeping my 4:1pace. Quicker than last time at the same locale…. one day at a time, one day at a time.

Maybe one day, I will break a 30 min 5k?!?! One day at a time!

This morning (May 14th), I was scheduled to do p90x yoga. Even after a little girls night out; I woke up at 6am and walked the Huntman. I popped in the dvd and got to work…… then it went downhill somewhere in between minutes 10-20. With Hunter licking my face and the lack of motivation from the tv screen. I remembered why I disliked fitness dvds. I thrive off of in person classes. The p90x yoga is 90 minutes long and I only lasted 20m. Since it does jump right into warriors, sun salutations, planks etc…. I don’t feel horrible, but I still like a slacker. I am going to stretch some more tonight and get ready for my 6 mile run tomorrow…….. or maybe stretch on the beach….

Today’s score…. 3/10…. woke up, tried and did some!

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