No More Taco Hell

I talked to my friend, Laurie about how beautiful last week’s run was at the Rails to Trails (RTT). So this morning, Laurie and her boyfriend Jerame joined me for a six miler. Which I am still not convinced is 6 miles; some say 5.7, while some Garmins say 5.3…. wide discrepancy, maybe it’s the Savannah ghosts messing with technology!

Anyways, we met at 9am and it was already about 75 degrees with a slight breeze. But boy, oh boy was it a gorgeous morning! We ran towards the prayer flags doing 4:1’s and kept a 12:30 pace the first three miles…

Can you see Laurie & I?!?

So we get to the prayer flags and enjoy a few photos and even Jerame tries to climb the rope tied to the tree! We then turned around and ran back….. now yesterday I was tweeting about how I made made food decisions while at my great friend, Nicole’s graduation from FSU (Juris Doctorate AND MS in Econ… yay she is a badass!). So not your typical day of pre-run food…. so at mile 4, Taco Hell was creeping up in my belly and I could swear it wanted to say hi! Thankfully it did not!

RTT Sign (Note Prayer Flags)

Good news, even though my last two miles were painfully slow- I still managed to beat my time by 2 minutes from last weekend!!

After the run, Laurie & Jerame decided to join me at the beach (oh the joys of Coastal Living!) for a few hours. What a great Sunday Funday!!

4 thoughts on “No More Taco Hell”

  1. 5.5 is better than the 5.3 we thought… I still like the 6 the signs say 🙂 See you tomorrow for 6, which is hopefully how far the other side is!!!

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