I look super tiny at 4:45am….

So my internet card is broken…. like on it’s last leg, looks like its hanging by an electrical thread. So I am sitting in my local Starbucks that is housed in a Kroger, blogging. This is not all that bad; good people watching, good coffee, and the odd looks I get for a Thursday evening while all the mommies go past me with screaming kids as I sit smiling typing away!

So let me back up to Tuesday’s workout- it was speed day. Let me first preface this with: there is NOTHING about my body that says fast, except for my mouth. I am from New York originally, so I talk fast and hand gesture fast. Other than that, I can swim relatively fast compared to the average person but that’s all I got. Oh, I did win a baby bottle chugging contest at a baby shower once. That was fast. But in all seriousness… I am not a fast person. But it’s my goal to get quicker and to push myself. So Katie and I went to the Y track and extended trail for some speedwork. We did light jog warm-up and then 1 minute fast, 3 minute easy x 5…. the first one went great… then I had to pee (tmi??). As in, I won’t make it four more times without seriously embarrassing myself. Now I have not had this issue before as an elite athlete (ha!)….. so I was freakin’ out and probably scared the other women on the trail as I darted out of the woods back onto the trail to continue my run. Whew, much lighter and four sprint series and a cool-down jog, I felt great!!

Wednesday was my prescribed rest day. And it was glorious. I even met a celebrity! I like to think of him as the man that whisks me away on all my travel…. the one to treat me to tropical locales, whimsical destinations no one has taken me so far. Of course, I am talking about the real Travelocity Gnome!! And I should mention, he makes me pay for my travel. Or my actual in life man pay. Bummer. I wish this 1.5 ft man would foot the bill. But at least it’s discounted and he’s cute!

My mini-boyfriend

Thursday- Katie, Indie (Dog), and I did a 5k tempo pace. The first mile was good (holding at 11:14 mile), the last two miles kept at 12:30-45 pace. Not what I was going for, but we ran a full mile then walked a minute then ran a mile, walked a minute…. but the purpose of tempo is to keep the tempo. So I guess I did alright! I felt great afterwards so that is all that matters.

Later today, I ran back into my man the Gnome and ate taffy, little sammies, and tea (sweet garden party at a local museum). And had a nice dinner of Skinny Caramel Macchiato… not the best for the diet! Tomorrow is Hunter’s turn to get a little workout! 30 minute walk with my little man!

So I am going to sit in Kroger for a little longer and play a game of “How Many Aisle Clean-Ups in One Hour”… then go home and get ready to tackle Friday!! Have a great night y’all!!

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