Junk in my Trunk

See how long it is….

I woke up this morning eager to run my 6 miles (true 6miles) because I had some sweet gear to debut. Yesterday, while at Wally World picking up a pot for my garden I found this Danskin shirt! So I was wondering how I would like it since it was only $5!!! It was long and super soft.

I went out to out to the trail and met up with Laurie, Jerame, Katie, and Indie (her dog!). Now I am quite a jelly belly that her dog could even phathom running 6 miles…. as mine wouldn’t even budge this morning or make it 0.006 miles let alone 6 miles!

So we do a mini photo shoot before the run– lights, camera, run—

Katie & Indie

And off we ran…. if anyone follows me on twitter (v_t_b), I was complaining of Friday how I forgot my ipod. One of my twitter friends said that she tries to run sometimes without because her ipod has failed her on a few races before. Well I responded (in my head), “that sucks, mine has never done that”. Well folks, today was my day. Today was that day that I would have to channel my own inner rock band and run from within. It’s kinda of hard. I really like to run to rap music, yes, you can find that amusing… or you may not judging from the below photo. But I like to run to killer beats. I like to imagine myself ‘dropping it likes its hot’ like in the SunDrop commerical (ps-I think that’s gonna be my Halloween costume!!! AWESOME!).

Showing my Junk- ie Fuel Belt

Anyways, so Katie was gracious enough to slow her pace down and run with me and put her music on speaker and let me groove to the beat of Prince, Rhianna, and some other reggae stuff she had coming out of her smartphone. Nice how technology can be a lifesaver.

Laurie & Jerame

We get to the halfway point at 36:50, which is right on par for what I run a 5k in (hey, I never said you were following the blog of Ryan Hall!). And last week, I ran 5.5 miles in 1:13:50. So I want to get as close to that as possible (which would be awesome, since I am adding 1/2 mile). The last two miles were a struggle to keep pace, but Katie was a great motivator and I finished in 1:16:59 for a full 6 mile run. Kept my 4:1’s and a solid 12:30-12:45 mile pace going the mile time.

The new fuelbelt was great, much better than my old one with the single bottle. I just wish the small bottles were insulated like the camleback handheld! And the new shirt was awesome. It didn’t ride up and didn’t lose stretchiness with all the sweating. I always didn’t sweat myself through it! I may go back and get more in all the fun colors…. at $5 a pop, you just can’t stop!!!

Tomorrow’s workout: 10 mile bike ride in the morning and 11 miles at night with my fun friends with Sunset Bike Club 🙂 Have a great Sunday, y’all. I sure will…. the fiance comes home today after being gone for nine day!!! yay for date night!!

4 thoughts on “Junk in my Trunk”

  1. Love it!! You are doing AWESOME!!! It was a beautiful run and your shirt, I admit, was pretty snazzy! For that price..buy them all!! Now…if you complete 21 miles on a bike ride tomorrow (holy burning thighs!) I will have a wheelchair accessible for you Tuesday 🙂

  2. Btw! I think after the marathon you should print all these out..including the pics!! It would make for one great memory album 🙂

  3. Good to know about the water…I'm looking for something. I currently run holding a water bottle. Not fun.


  4. I am totally with you on music and running! I get bored easily and definitely need my tunes to keep me going! I just can't get into a groove without it! Keep up the good work! 🙂

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