It’s the End of the World as We Know It…

So if you follow my twitter account (@V_T_B), you know that I have been hijacking internet from the local Kroger/Starbucks since my wireless card has yet to show up. I am actually right now at work taking over the wireless from my laptop (hey now, it’s after 5pm) before a client dinner!

I have been anxiously waiting to blog about our Saturday DetermiNation Fun Run. And boy was it great! We went to a new location where the Rapture wouldn’t get us, but apparently we were wrong. None of us brought an arsenal to protect us for what was about to happen next. Here we are, six runners just minding our own business and BAM! Out of nowhere this happens….

Check out the 8 Deerflies on my upper shoulders and 3 in hair!!

We were going to run 6 miles around the 3 mile trail…. so after running three miles with our legs and swimming three with our arms to swat away the Raptures coming to get us… we made a group decision to call in early to our safe haven. BREAKFAST TIME!! That’s a whole other story 😉


Cheerleader or Runner?

But before that~ we decided for a photo shoot. We called it “Can you find the morning runner??”

Giving Jerame a lift! Go DetermiNation!

What a great group of people I tell you! So fun and they put up with me talking about my runner’s toe and all my antics…. that’s not easy, you know! Ok, well time for some good fun. And back to the workout grind tomorrow. Had a killa migraine this morning. Tomorrow’s workout- not sure, either biking or intervals. Gonna throw in some swims soon too. Because Tommy and I have a bet that I won’t beat him in the “Swim the Farm” 1.2 mile race in July…. we’ll see Who’s the Boss??

3 thoughts on “It’s the End of the World as We Know It…”

  1. Cassandra, my local Fleet Feet ordered it for me because they didn't have it in stock. I picked it out from Fuel Belt ( It's part of the Revenge Series, 2 bottle. I was debating on the 4-bottle, but I felt as though the 2 bottles in the front might annoy me. Also, on races you can refill and on training runs with my group, they bring fuel- so I can refill.

    FYI- I really wanted the cute purple and green (called Juicy O'Reily). But my awesome Fleet Feet stylist (ok, she is really the accessory buyer, but I prefer stylist!) said it was not cute in person. I like that she is looking out for the "junk in the trunk" aka Fuel Belt and all it's glory! I LOVE the Artic Blue color and the velcro closure is great and more comfortable for myself than those that clip on!

    Good luck in your hydration belt search!!

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