*I am an Elite Athlete*

May 30, 2011

Most people laugh at me when I say “I am an Elite Athlete” with a completely straight face. Especially when I say this to my co-workers before I dive into a cannoli at a local Italian restaurant; as in…. “It’s ok, I am an Elite Athlete”. My fellow #DetermiNation (#DNation) runners also laugh when I call them Elite Athletes. Maybe even an eye roll on our 7am long runs…. it could just be the time of the run!

Well I figured that I would dissect the Elite Athlete for y’all… hey, fellow DNation peeps.. this is for you too!

#1: Less than 2% of all Americans have completed a half marathon, even less have completed a Full Marathon. I am Elite.

#2: I am about to embark on a training program that I am sure is going to kick my @ss on certain days. 3x week running, 2-3x week cross-training. Perfectly fitting before our wedding! I am Elite.

#3: I am fundraising for something larger than myself. I am fundraising for the American Cancer Society for Research, Education, Patient Services, and Advocacy. Hope. Progress. Answers. I am Elite.

So please feel free to call yourself Elite. Because we all are. No matter who  you are, what race you are running, what charity you are fundraising for, and how  you are training. You are taking those steps to better yourself and better someone’s life. YOU ARE ELITE.


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  • Tina Starkey

    You ARE elite…and super inspiring! Go get 'em girl! :)

  • Karen

    I LOVE this! Thanks for sharing!!! :0)

  • vtbRUNSsav

    You are welcome! At first, I was joking. More of a way for me to "pump myself up" like ego-inflating Arnold style. Now it's my mantra :)

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