First Day of School

Let me digress for a moment to two of last weeks workouts that I am really proud of! Pardon, if you follow on daily mile- you will have already seen them 🙂

#1: 1,300 swim- should have been a mile but apparently I read the website wrong and got the pool closing times wrong. Good solid swim, felt great to get my feet wet again. Swimming is the only sport that I feel confident in. I have a bet with the fiance that I can beat him on the 1.2 mile race in July. AND our friend is every making a custom trophy for whichever one wins…. screw the real prizes at the race, I want that d@mn trophy.

#2: Tempo workout- Katie and I took off. And by took off, we ran the first mile at 10:42, mile #2 (12:15ish as easy mile), mile #3 11:45, and mile 4….well, we did it… maybe 13 min. I was so tired from mile 1, but all in all, a great workout!!! Plus at 5:20am, it was already like 2348290842038% humidity!

Ok, back to the main topic! SCHOOL IS IN SESSION and here are the teachers!!

That’s Lydia, she’s like the Principal…. but way nicer!

Ok… now go RUN ALL OUT for the Savannah Mile and meet us in the the Square for some free food, free swag, awards, and fun! Why wasn’t school like this? Oh because you didn’t have to run 26.2 miles at the end….

The Savannah American Cancer Society DetermiNation runners are training with C.R.E.W., so we had about 15 of them make the big kick-off yesterday. The rest of the near 50 runners are scattered between Savannah, Atlanta, NC, TX, Maine etc…. if you want to run for DetermiNation just click on it and find a race near you! We would love to have you for the Rock ‘n’ Roll in Savannah! It’s our inaugural…. November 5th…. COME ON!!

About 1/3 of the runners prior to the race!!

For this weekend I found some hills…. so in just a few, I am off to tackle a brick workout. 1 mile run, 20 min bike, 2 mile run…. hopefully I don’t roll back down the hills on my bike!! Everyone have a great Memorial Day weekend. Thank you to all that have served and are serving our great country!

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  1. LOL I love how you compared this to school! Too funny!! :0) Sounds like an awesome weekend! Yay DNation!! :0) (I think I say that every time I comment on your blog…but I mean it! lol)

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